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Last time, on Dragon Ball Super: Hit! defeated Goku in the Universe 6 tournament! But, feeling indebted to Goku’s honourable battle, Hit! threw the final round, making the unlikely Monaka the champion of both universes. In a shocking twist, the King of Everything showed up. Why does he have to say? Find out this time, on Dragon Ball Super!

Let’s start with the light stuff. Beerus wish for the Earth of Universe 6 to be recreated was both sweetly unusual of him, and a reasonable cause for termination of employment as a God of Destruction. Come on man, first you botch blowing up your own Earth, than you unblow up someone elses! Man, Goku’s a better God of Destruction than you, at least he was able to blow up King Kai’s planet.

Also, the bantering between Beerus and Bulma is getting too amusing. In the face of monkey-tailed boys, aged martial arts masters, demon kings, space conquerors, alien warrior princes, and even the gods, she always manages to have so much personality. The only one who outdoes her is Goku, waving the King of Everything around by his arm.


The Hierarchy:

Just to recap. Normal people < Demon Kings < Kami/Dende < Popo < Kais < Grand Kai < Dragons < Supreme Kais (the adorable Supreme Kai of Time) < Grand Supreme Kai < Gods of Destruction < Whis < King of Everything. So how many arcs will it be before the King of Everything is as irrelevant as everything else on this list?

It does always seems the Dragon Ball lore is right at the limit of how far it can expand, with Toryama never holding back, but then it manages to take things a step further. I expect the 12 universes aren’t really “everything”, and the new king is really just the King of Some subset of Everything.


It’s also interesting to note how Whis treats the guy. Obviously he knows to show respect…

The King and the contest

… but he and Vados are the only two who don’t need to bow to the king.

Power and Will:

Beerus let’s Goku know that he’s a naïve idiot, and Goku responds by being a naïve idiot.

Beerus: “If the King of Everything wished it, he could wipe out all twelve universes in an instant!”
Goku: “Really? But he didn’t seem like a bad guy, so he wouldn’t do such a thing.”

It’s an interesting daichotomy. Do you fear his power, or bless his benevolence? At this point, Goku and Beerus’s power is comparable, but people are terrified of Beerus, and no one’s really scared of Goku.

So, is the King of Everythign Dangerous? I imagine it comes down to some measure of his likelihood of or impulsiveness towards destroying everything… but I can see that conversation getting really dry already, so let’s move on.


Big Balls:

We finally see the Super Dragon Balls the series is named for, and just like the series before it they’ll probably become mostly irrelevant halfway through.Super Dragon

But my god, just like the original Shenron, this dragon knows how to make an entrance, just now it’s on a Gurren Lagann scale (Death Battle, get on that). My only complaint would be that his growling voice is kinda weak, but then you remember, he’s in space. His voice is so booming, it reverberates through the Kami/Kai/God of Destruction/King of Everything damn vacuum of space!

Though this does get me thinking, where did the universality of dragon balls come from? Earth’s were first created by Kami, who obviously got the idea from the Namekean balls, but where did Namek pick up the idea? Did they just happen to find them on another planet, which got them from another planet, and so on and so forth, back to who knows when? Or did the Namekeans or some other race know at least a little something about all this from the beginning? How much did Kami know? More than most, obviously, since he somehow knew King Kai back when knowing King Kai was a big deal.

And don’t ask about the Black Star Dragon Balls. We don’t talk about those.


Next time, on Dragon Ball Super:

A couple little things were dropped regarding what’s to come. Cabba invites his “mentor” Vegeta to planet Salad. Goku offers a rematch against Hit! in three days… or tomorrow. Hit!, buddy, you gotta speak up and answer sometimes. Otherwise, people will never stop thinking of you as a Piccolo clone. And in the next episode preview, we see Goku fighting Monoka.

The planet Salad stuff might foreshadow something I touched on before. I think the next arc (or at least one that’s coming) will be going to fight for planet Salad in Universe 6. It’s in trouble, it sounds interesting, and it would make some nice filler before we hop right back into another tournament. But I also think it’ll be something Vegeta does on his own, while everyone else is working on something else. It’ll be good closure for him, after killing Frozen.

Goku’s fight with Hit… it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be awesome. Eventually. Maybe it’ll be in the 12 Universe tournament.

And Goku fighting Monoka. It actually looked like a tough fight. Goku wasn’t going super saiyan on anything, so maybe he decided to hold back, but Monoka still challenged him, and here’s, I think, how.

In the preview, Goku notices that Vegeta is sweating and Piccolo is saying something. So perhaps, to help Beerus cover up Monoka’s weakness, Piccolo learned some special new ability, by which I mean Hit’s time leap. He’s stopping time, and Vegeta is quickly running in to do the actual fighting for Monoka. It’s a little out there, but it’s Dragon Ball’s style of humour. The only issue is, Goku will see through it in no time, but then maybe something will interrupt the fight and protect Monoka’s cover.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Don’t Lose Your Way




-preview: Goku fighting Monoka, with Vegeta sweating and Piccolo mumbling