I guess I have to actually say something that contributes to the general conversation about this now, don’t I?

Yeah, I’m happy, but I like Mario, and Zelda, and the potential for big console Pokemon game so if it was an LCD screen with an “N” etched in it I would probably force myself to be happy.

However, this is several steps in the right direction for Nintendo. They’ve obviously made a point of projecting third party support, which is reassuring. They’ve smartly combined where they’re still leading (handhelds) with what has the most development potential (console), and slyly avoid having to compared directly to the other two consoles. And they managed to come out with something innovative that people doesn’t seem to be immediately rejecting, though I would like to play with those removable parts myself to test their durability before actually buying the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo did something a lot of people doubted they could: Got a positive response from people who aren’t as mindlessly dedicated as me. They should enjoy that victory. They’ve been waiting too long for it.