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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 7 – What’s your Favorite anime Couple?


This is an interesting one, because the first anime I think of when I see this question is my favourite romance anime, Toradora, and so Taiga and Ryuji. But, as much as I love their story, and as great as each of their characters are, there’s nothing particularly interesting or unique about their relationship. So I can’t really run with that.Lawrence and HoloSecond place my mind goes, Lawrence and Holo (shout-out to one of the characters I’ve made the face of The Anime Harvest!) from Spice and Wolf, but again, that’s really based on character (and great writing), not the actual romantic involvement of the two. As someone who doesn’t read light novels, as far as I’ve seen in SaW Lawrence and Holo’s relationship has only just taken off.


When I cut it down to couples for whom their relationship itself is what makes them stand out to me, there are two that stand out to me (and I’m not including Misa and Light, because their relationship it just too one-sided).

Marco and Ai

First, Ai and Marco, from Future Diary. They’re one of the cheesiest things to ever come out of anime, and like most cheesiness in anime, it’s played so hammy and so sincerely that it becomes irresistibly charming. Future Diary is very good at character misdirect; Tsubaki seems trustworthy upon introduction, Akise pulls it off multiple times, and Yuno always surprises; but the most surprising thing about Ai and Marco is how committed they are to their obvious character roles. You never doubt that they’re going to end up doing the things they do, but it happens quickly enough, and with the right amount of charm and hype, that it leaves you thinking, “Oh wow, they did the thing that’s totally in their character to do.” Two fun, not particularly naïve character being so dedicated to their ideal of love is just so endearing.


Finally, Hideo and Sahana from Sundome. In Sundome, occult geek Hideo enters into a masochistic relationship with transfer student Kurumi. In doing so, he accepts her restrictions that she will never have sex with him, and later sacrifices control of his own masturbation to her. There are so many interesting angles to this relationship. There’s the plays at phenomenology and existentialism with lines like, “I can only feel my existence when you’re with me,” there’s the character growth on both sides, and there’s just the unusual and exciting nature of their relationship.

So, those are my favourite anime/manga couples. Funny how the top two ended up being so… different. Then again, Hideo is a bit of a scrawnier Marco by the end of Sundome.

And last minute addition, Nana and Nana from Nana. What, they never got in a relationship? Just because they never fully realize it, doesn’t mean they’re not a couple.nanaDon’t Lose Your Way