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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6 – Do you Prefer Anime or Manga?


I’m split on this. Looking at my MAL page, the preference seems clear; lots of anime, not as much manga. But I’m far more excited to start a new manga than an anime.

Manga is more of an investment than anime. It typically actually costs more, and it also requires more time and attention. So I have higher standards for manga, but when they’re good I tend to get more out of them.

Usually, if I love a franchise in general, I’ll prefer the manga to the anime. But if I only kinda like the franchise, the manga becomes more of a slog; not necessarily bad, but not as good as the anime.

I think this is because I have a better feel for manga than anime, so I’m naturally more critical of it. When I review or critique an anime, a lot of thought and rewatching goes into it. But with manga, it’s much more natural. I intuitively judge paneling, and  art, and speech bubble use and dialogue, and paper quality. And in manga, since you see just a handful of carefully drawn still images, rather than two dozen frames every second, it’s easier to deconstruct the imagery. So I’m generally more critical when reading manga, and when a manga is great that means I have great things to say about it, but when a manga is only good, its flaws are a lot more visible to me than they would be in an anime.

There’s also the fact that I like to go back and check things a lot (just look at my Higurashi series), which is just easier in manga, and the fact that the black-and-white art appeals to me a lot.

So most of the time I prefer anime, but for the best stuff I like to read the manga.

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