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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5 – Which Anime Character are you Most Like (or wish you were)?
Mayotama, from I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying. I could go after similarities between myself and Asuka Soryu, Aisaka Taiga, Lawrence Kraft, Karma Akabane (I too like math, get overconfident, fantasize sadistically, and have an unbearably smug inner monologue), or any number of other anime character I really like and have a couple things in common with. But being honest, I’m not an Eva pilot, a traveling merchant, a tsundere, or an assassin/bureaucrat; I’m an unsocial, anime blogging, geek, and so is Mayotama.

I am the husband

To get into the specifics, considering the point of this category, I think, is to share some stuff about myself. But there’s not a whole lot to it with Mayotama; he’s a flatly simple guy. He’s an otaku. He likes writing. He’s mostly reclusive, but occasionally tests the waters of the outside world and social interaction.


It’s his relationship with Kaoru that makes my sympathy with him stronger than with most characters. She’s a nice girl; a genuinely good wife (not waifu) for him, just as he’s a good husband to her. They aren’t terribly romantic, love-struck companions. They just have a pleasant, real relationship. And while I watch the show I can’t help thinking, that is what I want someday. I guess, in that way, Mayotama’s also one of my “wish you were” characters. Though, in that category, one stands above them all…


L, from Death Note. So maybe not so much stands… but he sits pretty tall. I just want his brain, and maybe his cool Butler, and to get away with being a creeper on Misa Amane.