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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4 – Which Anime are you Ashamed you Enjoyed?


Insert any number of hentai. Heh! “Insert”

Honestly, excluding the strait up hentai, I don’t have a lot of “guilty pleasure” anime. I don’t think you should really be ashamed to enjoy what you enjoy. The whole idea of a “guilty pleasure” is built on the notion that snooty anime critics get to choose what’s good, and if you enjoy anything other than that you should be ashamed of your lesser, peasant taste. That’s not what The Anime Harvest is about; we look at the value of all anime that contribute something to the medium or fandom here. That said, I’m certainly not proud of liking these shows:

Legend of Lemnear:


You know that terrible late 80s fantasy anime, about a nearly naked chick slaying a dragon, which you know must exist but you may or may not have actually heard of? Here it is.lemnearAnd it’s exactly what you expect. Cliched story, animation like episode 5 of Dragon Ball Super, and so much fanservice that you’d think it was a modern slice-of-life show. And I kinda like it.

It’s just so… exactly what you’d expect. Stupid, dull, high fantasy, with an art style that Hayao Miyazaki would call “antiquated”. I’ve been very open about the fact that if I had things my way, anime would still be drawn onto the celluloid by hand. I like older, hand drawn styles, and think a lot of series lose a lot of depth in their visuals with the clean, flat, modern application of colour. Lemnear, while not animated well, looks so damn hand drawn it’s hard for me not to love it.


Lucky Star OVA:

I like Lucky Star. It’s fun enough, relaxing, mindless, and just generally a good charming thing to play in the background while working on something else. All things that don’t work as well for a single episode OVA. I can’t write my enjoyment of this off the same way I do with the show.

The OVA is made up of a number of short stories that are surprisingly departed from the original series. One has the main characters in an MMORPG. Another has Kagami parodying Cinderella in a dream-sequence. The fanservice (the non-dirty kinda) is at max levels, with Kagami cosplaying Hatsune Miku at one point. Basically, it’s pure otaku pandering. I try to resist it, but hey, I am an otaku.


Needless & Needless Specials:NeedlessGod this show sucks. It’s basically what would happen if you crossed Alucard with Vash the Stampede, then made everything else suck. Then sprinkled in a ton of loli service, strung it together along an overambitious God-from-the-machine story, and somehow made it fiercely, entertainingly stupid in a way that I still don’t understand.

The story is, humanity screwed up and did a World War III, which resulted in some people having mutant powers –speed, strength, shapeshifting, etc.– and two dudes, Adam Arclite and Adam Blade, use their powers to fight over a girl, or for godhood, or something.

Everything about this show is something I should hate. The Dragon Ball Z like pacing, the deeply disturbing fixation on little girls, the pointless main character, the cheap Dante rip-off protagonist, the reliance on boobs rather than writing, the level of seriousness it takes in itself towards the end, and the fact that it steals and shits on one of Gurren Lagann’s best moments.

And yet, I got taken in by the idiotic charm and shounen silliness. And the fan service. Mostly the fan service.


Plastic Little:

Tiffany Grant playing a violent teenage girl, yelling at Spike Spencer playing a whiny teenage boy. They even do basically the exact same voices too!


New Cuety Honey:

Cutie honey

I’d like to say Go Nagai in general, but this is actually all I’ve gotten to see from his repertoire. That said, I am familiar with his work. The man is creatively boundless, and integral to the modern anime medium. But when you practically spill imagination and inspiration constantly, it doesn’t go through much of a refinement process.

Part of what makes Nagai so incredible, a major part of his contribution to anime, is his pure, incorruptible id. And there’s a reason people with a sense of shame don’t let their id take the wheel.


Spider Riders:

And I saved the most shameful for last. I don’t even have a justification. It’s a stupid, cheap, poorly dubbed, charmless, dumb kid show. But hey, I still like it.

Don’t Lose Your Way