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So, to have a little fun, I decided to browse AniChart’s To Be Announced page, and now, in order to extend that fun, I’m sharing my thoughts on it with you! Yes, you, the one who is easily lead by second-person narrative to fall into the trap of reading my dumb shit. Don’t you feel special.


6HP (Six Hearts Princess): This is just a demo of what this list doesn’t do. The show has no description, mediocre staff so far, and is by a studio that’s only made one other show, which I’ve never heard of. I’m also not bothering to comment on second seasons when I didn’t see the first, idol shit, or basically anything that doesn’t look interesting to me. So with that…

Alice in Deadly School THE ANIMATION: Seeing “THE ANIMATION” in big, capital letters like that never feels like a good sign. Basically, some school girls hiding on the roof during a zombie attack. But what makes this interesting is the promo art.Alice in deadly schoolWhile the girls in the background look appropriately disturbed and grim, the two in the front just look sleepy, and happy. Even the colour pallet is a little more mundane slice-of-life than horrible zombie outbreak. If and when this is made, if the first episode isn’t hilarious, intentionally or otherwise, I will be very disappointed.


Angel ScandyS: Dude dies, and the afterlife can’t figure out if he goes to heaven or hell. Angels and devils start fighting over him, so he makes them compete as idols to save his music school from the dipshit who’s replacing him. I said no idols, but this could actually be funny. Or even better.

The oddest part is, this is one of the lucky few on this list that has a genre tag, but the only genre listed is drama. Not comedy, not even music. And it’s being handled by Artland, which has a pretty good track record for taking their job seriously. So how’s the studio behind Muchi-shi going to make an idol show? No clue, but I’m curious.


Atom: The Beginning: A self-described prequel to Astroboy. Fuck it for its arrogance. We’ll see how this goes.


Code:Realize – Sousei no Himegimi: Alright, let’s just read this description. “Restricted to an abandoned blah blah London blah promise to her father, blah blah blah. Her body carries a deadly blah blah, meets Arsene Lupin, a chivalrous thief who-“ What?! This is strait up Lupin the III, except in an anime that looks nothing like a Lupin anime! I mean, look at this promo art.Not LupinDo you see Lupin? I don’t. So that makes two classics possibly being defaced now.


Despera: The description of this one is short, written in incomplete sentences, separated by comma not period. “A sci-fi drama taking place in Tokyo in 1922, Ain, 14 year-old girl, creates elaborate devices without scientific knowledge.” Um… neat? As is the trend so far, many of these are just curiosities, and this is probably the most curious. How do you have a science-fiction show where the main character is an inventor who doesn’t know any science?


Eiyuu Kaitai: It’s about some teenagers who work at the “Hero Retirement and Return to Everyday Life Assistance Agency”. Between One-Punch Man and Tiger and Bunny, anime’s approach to the whole superhero genre seems to be to look at the real-life mundanities of it, and find the innate humour in that. And so far that’s worked pretty well. I hope this show keeps it up.


FLCL (2018): It’s lookin’ like shit.


FLCL 2: This looks amazing!


Full Metal Panic! (Shinsaku): When can we have this? And can you make it sooner?


Gabriel Dropout: An angel graduates top of her class at angel school, then comes to Earth for human school, and becomes a shut-in, gamer otaku, drop out. The cynical humour is right there in the premise. But this type of show is deceptively easy to screw up. It could either go Konasuba, or Himouto Umaru-chan. Please go Konasuba.


And that seems to be it for shows that caught my attention of Anichart’s TBA page. Well, until next time, I guess… wait. No. No, it can’t…


No! No! No! OH, dear GOD, NO!!!


Don’t Lose Your Way