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Last time on Dragon Ball Super: We built a working theory that Zamasu is Black from the past. And that was roughly the gist of it.


Zamasu and Black:

Well, our working theory is getting some backing. Zamasu’s hatred for “humans”, which apparently means any sentient life, is building. On top of that, we see him receiving this earring…Dragon Ball Super episode 54… from Kaioshin 10. The same earing we see on Black. Yeah, that’s sorta a giveaway. Zamasu was also told to wear it on his left ear, the same ear Black wears his. Also, Beerus basically stated the theory, so either it’s confirmed or it’s a great misdirect (which Toriyama’s not exactly great at). So it seems, the key mystery remaining to Black is his power and his body.

And, like so often is the case, Goku creates his own villains. Zamasu got scared of “humans” specifically because Goku showed him how strong a “human” could be.


Father Son Training:

Man, this was almost disappointing. I guess Trunks going Super Saiyan Blue in one episode wasn’t going to happen, but I honestly hoped the whole episode would be dedicated to this, and bringing out Trunks’ real strength. But, too be fair, it fit a good amount of substance into a short time with effective storytelling technique.

First, Trunks learned about Super Saiyan Blue, and how awesome it is. But, he was still able to outsmart it a bit. He’s about learned to switch between the Super Buff transformation that Cell kicked the ass of, and his standard form, while in Super Saiyan 2. Basically, this mean he can switch between power and speed very quickly. It also helped him fake out Vegeta, and almost get a get a hit on him. Vegeta blocked it, and then this happened.Dragon Ball Super episode 54But the fight wasn’t for naught. Trunks realized that Goku and Vegeta could probably take down Black no problem with SSB, and made the mistake of thinking that meant he didn’t have to get stronger. Vegeta properly scolded him for that one, and Trunks reassed his goals and vowed to surpass Vegeta. It reminded me so much of the Cabba episode, with is one of my favourite of Super so far.

Oh, and the fact that Trunks uses SS2 may just be Toriyama’s way of putting him in a convenient position when SSB2 becomes the new standard.



I’ve hated Pilaf and crew so far. Mai is the only one to have gotta a purpose, and they’re dull villains that have just filled up screen time. Until now. Bulma catches Pilaf improving some of her Time Machine code. He’ll make a nice assistant, and maybe from there a half decent character.Dragon Ball Super episode 54Next Time on Dragon Ball Super: The King of Everything wants to meet with Goku. Whis’ face hearing that is hilarious.


Why? Who knows! Seems like a bit of a detour, but hey, now that we know most things about Black and have established that he’s not really that much of a threat, it’ll be nice to get some spice thrown in!