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Last time, on Dragon Ball Super: Tension was high as the mysterious Black and not-so-mysterious Goku clashed in a disappointing battle. Curiosity about who Black is and why he’s here escalated. And Trunks continued to have that stupid blue hair, as he learned what a nerd two-armed Gohan became! Meanwhile, Beerus and Whis guide Goku to Universe 10 to meet someone special…

Zamasu:Zamasu1) Right from the introduction, we get mixed messages about this guy. Beerus says that he was a Kaio, but because of his amazing fighting talent he is now training to be the Kaioshin of Universe 10. But, immediately after that, it cuts to him pouring tea. Of course, it’s not contradictory for a martial arts master to also be sorta zen (I mean, that’s the cliché, and Whis fits it), but usually in Dragon Ball, when the first thing we’re supposed to know about someone is that they’re a fighting machine, the show puts the active, aggressive side of their personality first (and theories about who Zamasu is, which we’ll get to later, would make you think his strength should be more hyped).

By the end of the episode, he actually comes off as kinda weak. I mean, above Gohan, but far, far below Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and of course Whis. But, in time his weakness becomes is motive. That’s why we had to know he was strong first, without it being clarified, “but not that strong.”


2) The big warning flag with Zamasu comes just a few minutes in, where he asks, “Are these humans truly worth protecting.” Let’s take that apart while looking at this shot.ZamasuThe fact that this question is even asked turns the idea of the Kaio on its head. The red background conveys the ominous implications of it, but the tea cups is a calmer brown. Note who’s holding the tea cup, the current Kaioshin 10. While the question feels scary, he sees it through the calm reflection in the tea cup. Presumably, with all his Kaio wisdom, he knows that it doesn’t need to be responded to with fear.

Of course that changes when we see the teacup again later, but I think that initial calmness is important. At some point Zamasu crossed a line. We would think it was as soon as he questioned whether humans were worth protecting, but it wasn’t actually until he got worked up arguing this position. As we see in the rest of the scene, a discussion can take place, but if Zamasu is serious in his distaste for humans, that will be a problem.

I’ve seen others already suggesting that this means Zamasu has something to do with Black. But Black was after the extermination of the Saiyans, not humans. While he certainly won’t go out of his way to spare them, we don’t know much about Black’s opinion on Humans.

3) That being said, Whis seems to have had a similar theory as others. When he sees how Zamasu reacts to meeting Goku, he notes that it seems to be his first time seeing him. Presumably Whis is saying he though Black might be Zamasu. Well, he’s not Zamasu now, but he may still be Zamasu in the future. This is why it’s important that we recognize Zamasu’s ideas about humanity aren’t yet dangerous. If he does become Black, it might not be too late to stop this timeline’s him from becoming Black as well.

4) Okay, Goku said his ki is similar to Black’s. At this point, just to make things easier, I’m just going to assume Zamasu becomes Black in the future. I’m sure there’s a little bit more to it. But it’s a good working theory until we get some important to new clue to change things.


Goku vs. Zamasu:

Not a whole lot to say here. The animation quality is nice, and it’s a good action scene, but that’s really not what this series is about. What is interesting is that Goku jumped right to Super Saiyan 2. He’s been doing that a lot lately, and I’ve suggested before that Super Saiyan Blue is just a mastered form of Super Saiyan. Could it be that Goku is now trying to master Super Saiyan 2, too?



1) So trainer dude greats Beerus as if he’s already well acquainted with him. Is universe hopping a common thing for these people? Just how much of other universes are we going to start seeing?

2) Assuming Black is Zamasu  from the future, Multiverse and timeline stuff is really confusing. My best guess of how it works now is that, whatever time period you’re in, you’re in that time in all universes. But then how do multiple timelines work? If Future Trunks went to Universe 10 from his timeline, would it be the same Universe 10 Goku’s in now, just in the future? What if he went from the current timeline, then once he got there, used the time machine to go to Universe 10’s future? Something tells me we’re not going to get any answers until Toriyama just makes some up for another plot line in a couple seasons.



We see just a flicker of her old personality when she’s teasing Trunks, who of course it’s kinda freaked out to see her. Man, I really miss when 18 was cool.



His relationship with Mai is not cute, it’s creepy. She’s more than twice his mental age, and at least half his physical age. Future Mai was passable, because nobody watched Dragon Ball.


Next time, on Dragon Ball Super: Vegita beats some Saiyan Pride into his son, the same way he did to Cabba. Might even beat some blue into him too. Wait, no, purple! No more blue for Trunks!