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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 2 – What’s your Favourite Comedy?

Ghost Stories, hands down. But not the Japanese dub, that boring crap is a waste of your time.

Story time. In 2005 ADV Films licensed this mediocre attempted at a horror anime called Ghost Stories, then found the only way to salvage it was to hand ADR director Steven Forster absolute creative freedom to make the thing into his own full length abridged series.

The jokes throughout range from dumb anime fourth wall breaking:

Ghost Stories anime

To better fourth wall jokes:

Ghost Stories anime

To somewhat off colour jokes:

Ghost Stories anime

To finally the “Oh my god, how was this published by real company, and how can get them to make more of it?!” ones:

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But this isn’t just ridiculous dub scripting from start to finish. There’s an elevation to it. In the early episodes there are most just odd moments, that can’t quite be called “offensive”, even if it seems like they should somehow be. Then it progresses to some of the ridiculousness you see in those screen shots. Then, by the end, fuck plot, fuck continuity, and fuck even trying; the writers and voice actors go all out in what seems to be an attempt to make each other laugh, that would end up in bloopers of any other anime (if anime had blooper reals; why don’t anime have blooper reals?!).

One part that I always liked was the show’s progression of how the F-bomb was used. In the first third it’s censored as “Fizidyuk”. In the second third it just starts getting bleeped out. And by the end it’s just flat out said. A lot. It’s noticing the changes, and the progression into just swearing in what, on the surface, looks like a kids’ show, that makes even the word “fuck” funny for a whole 20 episodes.

It may not have been made with the intention of being a comedy, but Ghost Stories is the ultimate argument for dubs over subs. Steven Foster, I salute you.

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