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Last time, on Dragon Ball Super: Goku fought Black, in a clash that continued to reveal what a boring villain Black is, and made the form that killed Freeza seem just as boring! Whis and Beerus knew more than they were letting on. And Black went back to the future again. Basically nothing happened. I suppose it was a preview to the real fight between Goku and Black that we’ll have sometime in the future, but if it’s anything like that, I’m not sure I care to watch it.



Here’s the thing, Black is a boring villain. Or at least has been. The idea of a “Dark Goku” was done before with Turles, and at least he had a clear goal, simple though it may have been. Black, as I’ve finally decided to go along with community naming and call him, has none. At least, not that we know. He enjoys fighting Goku, but that’s not his goal, or he wouldn’t have blown up the Time Machine. He likes killing Saiyans. Is that all he’s good for? Why is that?

Well this time we got some talk about that, but more questions than answers. He’s exterminated the Saiyans because it’s supposed to be good, somehow, so I guess the evil laughter was… what exactly?

Black is starting to look like the lesser lackey of some greater villain, and the issue is, I’m not convinced that’s who he is. And it’s too late for him to just become interesting. We know enough about him to know that he’s at least 90% dull.

And yes, he’s apparently some kind of body switcher, possibly like Ginyu. Goku’s body isn’t his first, and the reason he enjoyed fighting Goku was because he learned a few things about how it worked. Sure, that’s kinda interesting, especially because the show managed to convey it to the audience without having the characters realize it (though that’s usually pretty easy, thanks to Goku being an idiot). Now we have a little dramatic irony to hold us over as Black gets strong, and once that reaches its Apex we’ll at least have a threatening villain, even if he is still dull.



But let’s balance the good with the bad. And who better to balance Goku with than Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Z’s bad pacing is legendary in anime, and for the most part, Dragon Ball Super doesn’t make the same mistakes. It makes worse ones. Dragon Ball Z’s bad pacing came from charging attacks, and having long, drawn out portions of fights, but at least those were tension building, and the actions so engrossing it held us over for the lulls.

Dragon Ball Super’s bad pacing is in-between fights. Entire episode of exposition. Talk. Talking. So much damn talking. Three or four episodes of everyone just standing on the lawn of Capsule Corp. talking! Only interrupted by a brief skirmish between the two Gokus. It’s worse than Dragon Ball Z because it’s boring! No tension, no action, and everything gets so over explained that you feel like you’re watching a shonen for the short bus kids… sorry if that’s redundant.

Enter Vegeta, who, upon seeing Goku ask to train with Whis, simply frowns, and walks into the gravity chamber. Not a word is needed. We get it. And we love it.

Vegeta has always seen Goku as a rival, and once they both reached Super Saiyan Blue, for the first time Vegeta could say he was just as strong as Goku. That was a big deal. A massive deal. I remember watching Resurrection F and feeling happy for Vegeta for finally doing it.

Then Kaio Ken came back, and Vegeta was horrified to see that, once again, Goku found a way to ascend beyond. Goku asking Whis to train him just reminded Vegeta that not only has he fallen behind, but Goku will never slow down. He has to not only catch up, but keep up.

And we all know what the Gravity Chamber is. It’s been a training space since the Namek arc, Vegeta’s training space of choice since Trunks appeared the first time. And it’s intense. Vegeta’s going to go in there, and not come out until he’s ready to kick Goku’s naturally gifted ass.

All that, without a single word.


Next time on Dragon Ball Super: The preview contains things I can’t even begin to speculate about, so let’s stick to the established story.

Goku will fight Black again, and Black will continue to get even stronger. By the time Goku and everyone realize what’s happening, it will be too late, and Black will be too strong for anyone to defeat!

But, in the last hour, Vegeta will show up, all powered up from gravity training, and be even strong than Black!