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It’s not like I have to explain why I’m doing this, b-b-b-baka, but since this is going to be some more personal content, I figured I may as well give my personal reason. I try to update The Anime Harvest at least once a week. I have a bad habit of letting things fall by the wayside, and even if I don’t necessarily write one piece per week (like, I write a few weeks’ worth ahead of time then take a couple weeks off), knowing I have that deadline really helps me.

The problem is, this rate is a lot harder to keep up during the summer. I have a lot less control over my time for a number of reasons, and even the free time I do have is under conditions that make it harder for me to write. Last summer I had This Week On Higurashi to make things a little easier, and my backlog of Namoko Love comics. The summer before that I really didn’t post anything, and that’s exactly why I came up with this one week system.

So, for this summer I’ve spent the last few months trying to build up a decent backlog of content, but since I got back into simulcast anime, a lot of what I wrote ended up being time sensitive and I had to post it anyway. So, for something a bit most casual, personal, hopefully entertaining, and easier to produce, I’m doing the 30 Day Anime Challenge, except maybe not daily. I’m not sure exactly how often I’ll be uploading these (I’m starting writing them ahead of time as well), but I’ll try to strike a balance between spamming updates, and having them carry through to 2017.

And just because there’s are personal little anecdotes doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to say something worthwhile in each of them. These, and other things I’ll be posting when I can, will have the kind of substance I hope you expect from The Anime Harvest.

Alright, so the challenge itself. Basically, the 30 Day Anime Challenge is answering a bunch (I think it’s like, 27) of questions about anime and your own experiences and thoughts of it. The questions I’m using come from a bunch of lists I’ve seen, as well as a couple original ones.


Day 1 – What’s your very First Anime?
Day 2 – What’s your Favourite Comedy?
Day 3 – What’s your Favourite Single Episode?
Day 4 – Which Anime are you Ashamed you Enjoyed?
Day 5 – Which Anime Character are you Most Like (or wish you were)?
Day 6 – Do you Prefer Anime or Manga?
Day 7 – What’s your Favourite anime Couple?
Day 8 – What’s the most Epic Scene?
Day 9 – What’s the Saddest Anime scene?
Day 10 – What would your Future Diary be?
Day 11 – What’s your Favourite Mech series?
Day 12 – What’s the anime you’ve rewatched the most?
Day 13 – What’s the most Badass scene in Anime?
Day 14 – What’s your Favourite Supporting cast?
Day 15 – What Anime do you Want to See, but haven’t yet?
Day 16 – What’s your Favourite Attack someone used in a Anime?
Day 17 – What’s your Favourite Studio
Day 18 – A Picture from a Scene from a Filler Episode you Hated:
Day 19 – What’s your Favourite Romance?
Day 20 – What’s your Favourite Anime Character Attending High School?
Day 21 – Which High School Club would you Join?
Day 22 – What’s your Favourite Animal Sidekick, Pet, Pokémon, or Summon from any Anime?
Day 23 – What Anime do you think had the best, or most interesting Art?
Day 24 – What’s your Favorite Anime Hero or Heroine?
Day 25 – What’s the best Anime Villain?
Day 26 – What’s your Top Waifu/Husbando?
Day 27 – What’s your Favourite Anime Ending theme song?
Day 28 – What’s your Favourite Anime School Uniform?
Day 29 – What’s an Anime you wish Never Ended and just Continued its Story?
Day 30 – What’s the best Ending (not ED)?