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Last time, on Dragon Ball Super: Future Trunks arrived in his time machine, and groaned for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, Kid Trunks had an existential crisis because no one would explain to him why he suddenly had a big brother with the same name as him. This time, we all know Vegetta will continue to be a terrible father, but will Bulma continue to be a terrible mother?


Trunks’ Hindsight:

Dragon Ball Super episode 49

Oh yeah, last time Trunks saw Goku he was getting esp’loaded by Cell. It’s a nice touch to have Trunks himself point this out, because it gets us seeing things from the perspective of someone many fans may not have thought much about for the last 20 years. I, personally, kinda lost interest in Trunks after I realized Gohan was best Saiyan, so I didn’t even think about this.

The funny thing is, Gohan’s now the only Saiyan that might be weaker than Trunks. Shush! Nobody tell him about Super Saiyan Blue! It’ll hurt his delicate little pride. Also, Trunks with blue hair is already pissing me off enough anyway.

Then there’s Buu, something I guess must have entered into Trunk’s timeline, but was never talked about before now. Trunks stopped him from emerging, and apparently grew much stronger since the Cell arc. Still, he’s no Super Saiyan Blue, or even Super Saiyan 3 (yet), so I still have trouble seeing Dark Goku as a threat.

Also, that brings to mind a question. Why didn’t Beerus ever show up in Future Trunk’s timeline? I mean, her would have been screwed. No other Saiyan’s around, no Super Saiyan God. That’d be that, and good bye Earth. But it is an odd divergence in the two timelines, and I’m curious if we’ll ever see a reason for it.


Dark Goku:

Apparently Dark Goku, aka Black, introduced himself as Son Goku in Trunks’ time. Oh boy, the problems that emerge from that. If only one thing can be gleamed from this, it’s that the resemblance is no coincidence. Dark Goku is related to Goku somehow.

I’ve heard some speculation out there about him being the product of some multiverse villain (eg: Towa, from Dragon Ball Xenoverse). This gets some support from the fact that Dark Goku apparently has a “Ring of Time”.

While I think there’s a lot of potential in that, the story just recently opened up 11 other universes, and promised a tournament between all of them. It can’t seriously now be opening up another can of worms to take care of first, can it? Well, if that’s the case, that 12 Universe Tournament arc just got much, much further away.

Then there’s the motive. Apparent Dark Goku said, “I will eliminate Earthlings for the sake of justice!” That’s powerful because it means he’s not just some larger villain’s lackey, he’s independent, and has a desire for some kind of justice. That also makes him harder to get rid of, writing wise, which might be a pain because he and Goku can’t co-exist for long without it getting confusing. What the hell is Toriyama planning with this guy?

Dragon Ball Super episode 49

Next time, on Dragon Ball Super: Dark Goku arrives in the current timeline, and fights Goku and friends (but mostly Goku). Goku will hold back, like he always does, so the really fight won’t begin for at least one more episode. Until then, we’ll gave vague snippets of dialogue so obsessive fans like me can speculate over who the hell Dark Goku is, and what the hell is going on. Then we’ll get the answer about five episodes from now, and it’ll be less interesting than anyone guessed, but will make perfect sense and add to the Dragon Ball lore in the long run.