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Last Time, on Dragon Ball Super, a new story arc began, Future Trunks returned in world of tragedy, and I grossly overestimated the power of power of Dark Goku.


Trunks vs. Dark Goku:

This fight ended up being much closer than I anticipated, by which I mean, there was an actual fight. Dark Goku is much stronger than Trunks, of course, but if this is all he’s got, real Goku will wipe the floor with him. Hell, leave this one to Piccolo! He needs a little spotlight.


Trunks used the Masenko:


That’s really all theirs is to this part. I just thought it was neat, you know, with the Masenko being a move that, until now, has been unique to Gohan. I always thought of it as a weak Kamehameha, but seeing the way Trunks does it, it ain’t that weak.


More on Dark Goku:

First, we get a better idea of his move set. He’s got a bunch different types of Ki Blast Supers, like anyone else, but this one stands out for obvious reasons.

Dark Goku

It’s a Kamehameha, but miscoloured. It’s the only one of his moves that resembles something distinct in the show. So while it nails in the whole “evil Goku” thing, it also makes it clear he is his own character, and the resemblance is probably mostly coincidence.

Second, there’s the fact that he confused Trunk’s time machine with an airplane, which tells us he’s not related to anyone we know; everyone else already knows about the time machine.

And lastly, he talks about killing Trunks being the extermination of the Saiyans, just confirming that he himself is not a Saiyan.


Present Trunks:

D’aaww, we see the start of Trunks becoming the nice young man he is in the future, as well as his developing relationship with Mai. It would be so cuet if I weren’t so disturbed by a) the annoying comedic villain, b) Pilaf being in grade school is just stupid, and c) she’s gotta be over sixty years old mentally.

I guess this is one of those things where skipping Dragon Ball actually helps.

Also, no Mai, Future Trunks does not look just like Kid Trunks. You know why? Because he doesn’t have purple hair, LIKE HE SHOULD!!!

Sorry. Just been holding that one in for nearly two weeks.


Next time, on Dragon Ball Super, Future Trunks snaps out of delusions of Dark Goku being Dark Goku, and the whole thing is just used as an overly convoluted lead in for him to explain why he’s back! Meanwhile, Kid Trunks continues to be ignored, and possibly traumatized by his confusion. Scene locates will continue to be inconsistent. Senzubean’s potency will keep inexplicably dropping. And we will never find out how Vegeta gets to Whis and Beerus’s world without Goku!

Don’t Lose Your Way