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Last time, on Dragon Ball Super we reached the end of some filler! Sorry, but there’s just not much more to say about it. Now, this time, on Dragon Ball Super!


OP Changes:

These are minor things that anyone not skipping the OPs will notice anyway, but once again the OP has changes slightly. The few seconds a little bit past the halfway mark, where the relevant new characters are showcased, has been changed again, this time to show Trunks, Mai, Dark Goku, and a mysterious new Kai.

What’s more significant is the lack of change anywhere else. Future Trunks hasn’t been added to the roster of core characters, so if there’s anything to draw from this, it’s that he really is just going to be around for this one ark, which is a little surprising considering what happens in the episode.


Character Deaths:

Let’s just go to the big ones now; Future Bulma and Future Mai both die in scenes that really remind us how much tragedy Future Trunks has seen, despite having less actually combat experience than Krillan (hey, even if he just gets his ass kicked, at least Krillan actually shows up to most fights).

And remember, the future universe… timeline (I guess we can’t call these universes anymore, now that we know that are only 12 of those) doesn’t have any dragon balls, so those deaths could be permanent… or Trunks could use the current timeline dragon balls to wish them back, but that would create SO many plot-holes, and the dragon balls have never does THAT before, right? …right?

Anyway, that’s why the lack of Trunks in the bulk of the intro surprises me, because I’d almost expect him to just start living there after this. Hell, considering he’s a fan favourite character, I’m surprised Toei didn’t put that in Toriyama’s contract.


Dark Goku:

Turles- err, I mean, Dark Goku, looks exactly like Goku, except for the colour of his outfit, and a ring on his left ear, which happens to be the same ear Goku wears his Potara earing.

There are a million theories about this guy, and I’m not ready to throw one in, but there is one very interesting thing we know about him. He refers to Trunks as “Sayian”, implying he doesn’t know any other sayians, and isn’t himself a sayian. So what is he? Without that line, my best guess would have been Goten. Maybe an android, or some kind of new alien?

Whatever he is, giving that he’s undoubtedly gonna put up a good fight with Goku and/or Vegeta at some point, he’s gotta be one of the strongest in Universe 7 (is an alternate timeline still the same universe? Is there an alternate timeline Beerus?). So the question is, is he someone Whis and King Kai will be able to tell us about, or is he unique to the Future timeline?


Next Time, on Dragon Ball Super how will Future Trunks introduce himself to his 10-year-old self? And are we ever going to talk about how messed up the life of Mai is?

Seriously, that’s all I really have on my mind about this. Maybe some questions about how the multiverse works at this point, but let’s face it, that’s not going to be explained.

Don’t Lose Your Way