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Last time, on Dragon Ball Super: The King of Everything brought a clean end to the Universe Six Tournament arc, and declared a Twelve Universe Tournament arc to be held sometime in the future. Hit! agreed to rematch Goku sometime in the future. The Super Dragon Balls were wished upon, and scattered again, not to be brought up again until sometime in the future… Yeah, it really closed off a lot of stuff without opening much new for immediately after.


Where are we now?:

Filler. There’s no other way to put it, we’re in the filler between arcs right now. It’ll be boring for a few weeks, and I probably won’t have anything to say on Dragon Ball Super for a while after this.

This episode had a mostly comedic rematch between Goku and Beerus, where Beerus had to dress up as Monoka to keep his secret. And while the premise adds about as much to the series as Brolly, it at least fits in well in the current downtime. Most Dragon Ball filler comes off as side stories, almost like the non-canonical films, where the ending is brought about by major characters realizing, “Wait, isn’t there something actually important we’re supposed to be doing right now?” This time, it fits.


A Lying God:

The whole thing is made more interesting by the moral premise. A God, Beerus, has told a lie for what he sees as a greater good. (I’d argue getting bragging rights over another God isn’t that greater a good, but hey, who am I to judge the Gods?) Now the question is, was that justified? Is lying wrong, and, if so, is it even wrong for a God to lie?

An intellectual artist could do wonders with this theme, pulling from every academic from Socrates, to Nietzsche, to Sun Tzu. Unfortunately, we got Akira Toriyama. As great as he is at action, comedy, and charming characters, the man’s never been accused of being overly highbrow.

We end on what I assume is supposed to be a “lying is bad” message (though Beerus actually ended up having fun and didn’t get caught because Goku’s an idiot), that treats Beerus, the God of Destruction, the same way children’s books treat children. Even Trunks got to lecture him, and Trunks is a brat! If the point is that it doesn’t matter who you are, lying is lying, then at least make an effort to show that. Dragon Ball has never been pompous, but it’s never treated its viewer like this much of an idiot before either.

Vegetta should be proud of his son


Rematch of the Gods:

On a lighter note, we got a little preview of what Goku and Beerus’ rematch might be like too. Overall, they came off as pretty even, with the fight ending in a draw. The characters mostly agreed Beerus was facing a handicap because he was stuck in an uncomfortable Monoka costume, but they didn’t really mention the fact that Goku never went super saiyan.

Obviously the show’s holding them back because it doesn’t want to outright tell us who will win the real rematch, but right now I’ve gotta side with Goku. Though Beerus doesn’t seem as worried as he used to, but maybe that’s because he was having too much fun. The two really aren’t that different. Beerus just needed a strong opponent like Goku to invigorate him again!


Misplaced Fear in a God:

On a subtler note, Vegeta finally reacts to the way Bulma hassles Beerus, and freaked out. But honestly, from what we’ve seen, Beerus is all bark (or meow) and no bite. He’s got a nasty reputation as God of Destruction, but since the film I don’t think he’s even thought about destroying anything.

It goes back to what we saw last time, and the King of Everything. Sure, he could destroy everything in an instant. But he’s a cool guy, so he probably won’t do that. It’s all fear of the existence of power, rather than the danger that power threatens. But the funny thing is, Goku has a ton of power too, and nobody’s really scared of him.

It’ll be funny when Vegeta does finally outclass Beerus, and he’ll proudly pretend he was never such a groveling nincompoop in the face of one mere God.



So I guess we’re just continuing on with her one note joke of, “I wish my husband would get a job.” It is a shame, considering how much character potential she had in early Dragon Ball, but at least she’s getting some mostly welcomed screen time now. And hey, she was actually helpful in this episode by distracting Goku!


Final Thoughts:

Now, only two questions remain: How dumb is Goku? And why is Yamcha?

Goku’s idiocy isn’t even worth explaining, just watch the episode. I’m not in the camp that says he’s a terrible character (Battle of the Gods did wonders for him), but is this stuff supposed to be endearing? It’s not. It’s just annoying.

As for Yamcha… oh boy. Again, watch the episode. I’m fine with him just sitting in the background and not opening his mouth. But at this point… Dude, nobody here likes you. You shouldn’t be showing up at your ex-girlfriend’s parties after she had a kid with one of the people who killed you. Puar is now more useful than you. Just go.


Next Time, on Dragon Ball Super: More filler. Maybe Gohan will come out as back up to full strength, or Android 18 will stop being a dull Waifu. We can dream.