Last Time on Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta faced off against Cabba in the tournament against Universe 6. When Cabba said he didn’t know what a Super Saiyan was, Vegeta took it upon himself to train the young Saiyan, and teach him the importance of Saiyan pride. In winning the fight, Vegeta dragged out the last and strongest fighter of Universe 6, Hit. Who will win, This Time, on Dragon Ball Super?

So this episode doesn’t offer nearly as much as last time, which is something I kind of expected. Dragon Ball pacing doesn’t just mean lots of episodes, it means low content density. So sometimes these will be long, like last time where I had a lot to say, other times they’ll be short, and some weeks I might just skip it if there’s nothing worth commenting on or analyzing in the episode. Anyway, let’s get to it.


Overcoming Beerus:

In this episode we finally see one of the things that makes Hit such a fearsome fighter; he can time travel, but only a little bit. He can jump forward just a tenth of second in time, which, in a Dragon Ball fight, is a pretty big advantage. Unfortunately for him, the reason it’s such an advantage is that Z Fighters can pull off basically any move (except charging or gloating) in a fraction of a second. Goku sees this weakness and capitalizes on it, preparing for where Hit will be, and blocking or countering appropriately.

But what does this have to do with Beerus? Well, when we find out about this power, Beerus asks Whis if there’s any way to counter it. Whis says there is, but it’s better for Goku’s training if he finds it out for himself. Obviously Beerus wants to win the tournament, so he’s not happy with this. The whole exchange gives us an important piece of information; Beerus doesn’t know how to beat Hit.

Dragon Ball Z arcs always have two types of villains, the intermediate ones, and the ultimate one. These are used to show how much Goku grows over the course of the season, and present a sufficient threat. The ultimate villain is supposed to be introduced as being more powerful than anything the heroes can imagine. The intermediate villains serve as the steps towards being able to face the ultimate.

In the Saiyan arc, Raditz, Saibamen, and Nappa were the immediate villains, and Vegeta the ultimate one. On Namek Freeza’s elite henchmen and the Ginyu Force were the intermediate villains, and Freeza himself the ultimate. The androids and Cell’s lower forms were intermediate, and Perfect Cell the ultimate.

Except it actually goes further than that. Just matching the power of the ultimate threat is never the end, because the ultimate always has one more form that even they weren’t ready to use. Vegeta whipped out his mighty Oozaru, Freeza powered up to 100%, Cell exploded than used his Saiyan and Namekian cells to regenerate even stronger, and Buu was able to revert to his true form.

Now let’s look at the current arc, where the Universe 6 tournament is taking place. Who are our intermediates, and who’s our ultimate? Well, the tournament fighters up until now are our intermediates, and Hit is the ultimate, right? Wrong. The arc here isn’t the Universe 6 Tournament; we’re still in the Battle of the Gods arc!

Beerus is the level of power Goku and Vegeta still have to reach. We were given a good sense of how strong he is at the beginning of the new series, and that is still the highest bar set. Hit’s power was never even shown. He was just presented as this intimidating guy. Everything since Goku’s fight with Beerus, Golden Freeza and the tournament, has been intermediate, building Goku up to be able to face Beerus. Hit is just a big step. He’s Captain Ginyu.

I mean, seriously. It’s only been 38 episodes. Do you really think we breezed by 3 entire sagas in that time? Namek was 67 episodes! Buu was 72! And Cell was 77! We haven’t even reached the Saiyan Saga’s 39 yet.

Anyway, back on the events of this episode. Beerus didn’t know Hit’s weakness, but Goku figured it out. Goku just proved that he’s a better fighter than Beerus. Beerus may still be more powerful, but Goku’s slowly overcoming him. Which means we’re approaching the ending of the Battle of the Gods saga. All that’s left is to take out Hit, drudge through some filler, have Goku and Beerus square off again, and have both of them reach new heights as Beerus charges to 100% power! Shall we get that hype going for Super Saiyan Purple?


Next Time, on Dragon Ball Super: Hit will show us he’s not just about cheap tricks, and explain that Goku may be the first challenger to force him to seriously fight. His true strength will put Goku on the edge, but by the end Goku will find a way to defeat him. Will Goku win in that episode, or will it be postponed until episode 40? Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Super!