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Last time, on Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta karate chopped lava, shattered a barrier with just his aura, and indulged in one of his favourite pastimes, beating up robots. But while Magette may be out, thing are still heating up for these fighters. Vegeta’s victory moves Universe 7 one step further in the tournament against Universe 6. His next opponent is Cabba, the Saiyan from Universe 6!

Dragon Ball Super episode 37

That’s Saiyan Racist!

Vegeta & Saiyan Pride:

The Universe 6 Supreme Kai tells us that Saiyans in their world act as heroes who fight evil. While this is sorta the case now with the Saiyans left in Universe 7, that’s not exactly what their race is known for… So it seems there are already some cultural differences between the two, and the most notable one of these is that Universe 6 Saiyans have no Saiyan Pride.

Dragon Ball Super episode 37

This turns out to be the main focus of the episode. Vegeta and Cabba are shown to be near equals prior to any transformations, right down to a Gallic Gun beam struggle, yet Vegeta’s pride is contrasted by Cabba’s humility. Cabba, not knowing anything of U7 Saiyan pride, bows to Vegeta and asks him for training, so he can become a Super Saiyan too. Normally, I like to think Vegeta would take this pretty well. I mean, he’s being given the kind of respect he can only otherwise get from his own son. But this is the middle of a fight. Cabba is disgracing the name “Saiyan” by bowing to his opponent. So Vegeta does teach him, but it’s a hard lesson.

Vegeta pushes Cabba to the edge, nearly killing him, and threatening to blow up his planet, in order to spark rage in the other Saiyan. Because rage, as we know, is the only way to reach Super Saiyan. Unless you’re Gohan, Goten, or kid Trunks. Buy hey, Vegeta gets to teach things his way.

Dragon Ball Super episode 37It’s a really understated aspect of Cabba that, until this point, he’s kinda apathetic. That might be another part of U6 Saiyan culture; them being more stoic and calm. Vegeta’s fight doesn’t just teach Cabba about becoming a Super Saiyan, it teaches him about drawing on his passions in general. He’s not going to get stronger unless he cares enough about what he’s fighting for to get angry. It’s very in tune with one of Dragon Ball’s core messages; don’t supress your emotions, embrace them. Even anger can be good when channeled correctly; that’s the same lesson Gohan had to learn to defeat Cell.

This all gets capped off nicely with Vegeta knocking his pupil out cold (there’s a very good reason for this, and I’ll get to that later), waking him up again, and giving him a short lecture to complete the lesson. There’s nothing really to say about this part, just that it’s Kami damn awesome! All this Saiyan pride stuff is so cool coming from Vegeta.

“Never forget your Saiyan Pride!”
“Thank you, Vegeta. I hope to be as strong as you.”
“You hope to surpass me!”

I imagine we’ll be seeing Cabba again, and I look forward to that. He’d make a good rival to Gotenks.


Families of Dragon Ball:

One of the things that’s always hard to explain about Dragon Ball is just how family oriented it is. It’s not a general family unit kinda thing, it’s more about individual relationships within a family, most notably the relationship between father and son; Goku focused on bringing out Gohan’s potential, Vegeta training his son into a hard warrior like himself, and even Piccolo coming to see Gohan as his only family.

But at this point, Dragon Ball Super seems ready to expand on that, with the same small details that Dragon Ball has always done well. In Battle of the Gods we already got a peek at how much Vegeta really cares about Bulma. And now we see Chi-Chi, who we see in the story so little that Team Four Star and MasakoX have aptly had Goku describe her as, “Woman who lives in my house.” She’s your wife, Goku. And now she’s at this tournament, so hopefully that means we’ll see some actual interaction between her and other characters.

Dragon Ball Super episode 37

But, for the time being, Vegeta’s family enjoys the box seats because he’s still doing the fighting. We see Trunks enthusiastically rooting for his dad, which is probably exactly how Vegeta raised him. And Bulma continuing to be the only character capable of pushing the Goku button without getting hit. Though, honestly I think her mention of Goku says more about her relationship with him than it does her relationship with Vegeta. Goku was Bulma’s introduction into this crazy world, and as long as she’s know him, he’s always been the strongest. She can’t help but refer to her oldest friend in matters of strength. Goku and Bulma are besties J

Piccolo’s presence in this shot is also a little telling. Of course he’s going to be in the fighters’ booth, because he’s a fighter. But so is Monaka, and he’s out of frame. Usually it would be more in line with Piccolo’s isolation to be sitting on the far side of Beerus, probably meditating. But notice where is eyes are pointed. Downward. At Trunks. Aww, Piccolo misses being a father! Don’t worry green man, Gohan’s getting into training again, so he’ll be as absentee to Pan and Goku was to him, then you can have a daughter!



Yamcha does something very important this episode. Yamcha is useful… Yamcha says something. He points out that Cabba doesn’t have a tail, and exactly why that’s the case never gets answered in the episode. If it was just that Universe 6 Saiyans don’t have them, it would have been easy to write that in and move on. The fact that it’s left open tells me that it’s something we’ll be coming back to, perhaps in a future arc. Cabba talks about saving his home planet a lot. Maybe the Z fighters will go there to help at some point, and then we’ll get an explanation. In fact, given that the show is paralleling Cabba with Vegeta, and Cabba is supposed to be the strongest of the U6 Saiyans (I assume; otherwise, why would he be here), he may be a Saiyan Prince.

Dragon Ball Super episode 37

Then we have what I consider to be the most interested shot this episode. Vegeta helps Cabba transform into a Super Saiyan, and tells him, “Never forget that anger.” Then he transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to show Cabba the kind of power still in front of him. Then punches him hard, saying, “Never forget this pain.” That’s our clue to how Vegeta (and presumably Goku) reached Super Saiyan Blue. Just as Super Saiyan took overwhelming rage, Super Saiyan Blue requires immense pain. This would fit in with Saiyan biology and the whole, get stronger every time they nearly die thing.


Next Time on Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta versus Hit, U6’s final fighter! What will happen? Well, Vegeta will lose in a fight that will last the whole episode, and we’ll end off with more questions about Hit than answers. Sorry, but it’s true. Goku’s gotta get some action in before this is over.

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