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It’s the penultimate episode, and we finally have central conflict for this anime. If only it had done something to make me care much about the characters up until now. I have a bad feeling about this one.

Luck and Logic

So when we left last time, all the foreigners were released, Olga and Lucifer had teamed up, and everyone got their asses kicked. This time, the Director takes control of Logicalist HQ from Veronica and Nemesis, presumably so they can help out in the field, and all Logicalists are sent to protect civilians, recapture foreigners, and close the portal above Logicalist HQ.

Yoshichika and Olga are about to fight, which I presume is supposed the be excite and generate hype, but seeing as we just saw that Olga can easily beat up all the other Logicalists, there’s nothing to get excited over. Yoshi-Chika hasn’t powered up, or even learned some important lesson. There’s nothing interesting here.

Thankfully, we cut away from that inevitably boring fight to another boring fight; Veronica versus, uh… this guy.

Luck and Logic

I know we saw him in an earlier episode, but these villains are so bland I can’t remember a single thing about him other than, he exists. That’s sorta what the beginning to this episode is. Logicalists fighting random monsters that we only slightly remember.

One way to go with this is to use the fights to show how much stronger everyone has gotten. Luck & Logic doesn’t do that. Instead, it shows how weak everyone is without teamwork. We already had at least one teamwork episode; this just makes the main characters seem like they’ve made no progress, undergone no change, since the start of the series.

Luck and Logic

I hate you

Thankfully, the Director has a plan.

Thanks for that. I see why they put you in charge, and why a minute of this episode had to be wasted building up to that. And what’s most annoying is, there is something the director could do. Most of these fights are clearly just bad match-ups for each Logicalist. Tell Veronica to take Chloe’s fight, Chloe to take Mana’s, and Mana to take Veronica’s. Those are all easy wins.

I don’t want to rag on this part too much, but these fights are just terrible. At one point, Mana tries to use her Sneak-Walk ability but gets attacked too quickly. From this, she learns that her strategy isn’t going to work. So what’s she do next? Uses her Sneak-Walk ability, and this time the monster just lets her do it. Luck & Logic, if you’re going to have a pointless scenes, at least don’t contradict yourself in it! It’s like a parody of the characters feeling like they’ve learned nothing!

Anyway, faith apparently beats logic, and those fights are won. Now it’s just Yoshichika and Veronica versus Olga. And my god, if the fact that this is no different from last episode isn’t enough to kill the hype, the fact that they look like cosplayers standing around in a park is.

Luck and Logic

The animation director for this worked on Gurren Lagann!

There’s no weight to this shot. The fighters look small, and the environment looks mundane. These doesn’t scream, “Epic Confrontation!” it whines, “I worked all night on this costume.” The fact that the 3D animation seems unable to render civilians doesn’t help, since it doesn’t feel like there’s anything at stake.

Well, apparently Yoshichika did learn a new trick at some point, because he and Athena can now reach a powerful new form! Their shield changes from a circle… to a square!

Luck and Logic

Because what do Spartans know?

What a great way to represent a massive boost in power! Like, Dragon Ball Z having these Earth-shaking auras and eye-catching physical distinctions, that’s stupid. Clearly the best thing to do is change the shape of your weapon to something less combat efficient, and leave everything else the exact same. That communicates your point to the audience!

And before anyone argues that the green logic-material now making up the shield actually makes it stronger, the reason Yoshichika lost last time had nothing to do with his shield not being strong enough. It didn’t break or buckle; he just couldn’t hold it. A valuable power-up should be reflected in his-self transforming in some way.

Also, when did he learn this new ability? We never say him train, or even have the time to train, since his last fight with Olga, so it couldn’t happen then. So he must have had it before the last fight. So why didn’t he use it then? Luck & Logic, you’re really sucking.

Yoshichika and Veronica lose. Olga gloats about how despair awaits them, because he’s totally a misguided good guy, right? And the show briefly achieves self-awareness.

Luck and Logic

I hate you

We have a moment of the show going mute as Yoshichika asks for permission for something. Cuet attempt at foreshadowing, but you’re not that clever Luck & Logic. Clearly he just asked permission to Over-Trance. And we end on this shot.

Luck and Logic Over Trance

One of the character designers for this worked on Bayonetta Bloody Fate. Makes sense.

I can’t do this. Guy, I just can’t. This Week On isn’t about ragging on dumb shows; it’s about picking apart and analyzing shows that have a lot of subtly and subtext. It’s about pointing out good directing, writing, and animation, and yes, sometimes bad directing, writing, and animation. But I don’t enjoy spending an hour or two each weak doing… this!

I had high hopes for Luck & Logic when it started. Clearly, I was wrong. I might write something to close this disappointing anime off, but we’re not doing notes on episode 12. Luck & Logic sucks, and I’m sorry to have wasted my own, and your, time with it.

But hey, I still kinda like Mana ^.^

Don’t Lose Your Way