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Finally, the Olga episode I’ve wanted! The one character who actually charmed me from his first appearance! It’s got him being kinda enjoyable, and some nice action scenes, and terrible ALCA security, and big plot stuff, and a great ending. And you know what? S’good.


Olga’s all sad because he still doesn’t have a partner, so pulls a Yukari and goes to the captured foreigners to find one. Apparently their cells double as a jail, and a pound, because I guess you can just let one free and take it with you. Seriously, this is what, the third example of the ALCA having worthless security? Where’s the public outrage at these morons risking everyone’s lives?

Luck & Logic episode 9 OlgaAnyway, he finds one named Enlil, who asks to be set free for one day to settle some score, in exchange for his partnership. Olga refuses, because he’s not quite a complete moron… yet.

Lucifer just sorta waltzes into the ALCA building, and everyone goes into a little panic. But it’s cool, he just wanted to have a chat with the boss, Jarno. Apparently he wants to join the ALCA, and enter into a covenant with one of their Logicalists. Olga eagerly steps in, but Jarno quickly cockblocks that delicious yaoi marriage by rejecting Lucifer’s offer because the ALCA isn’t ready to trust him.

Luck & Logic episode 9 Olga

No, you don’t know what it’s liiiiiike. Welcome to my life.

He goes to suck about it while getting his face beat in by a training simulation, until the new receptionist, Shinobu, slaps some sense into him. Something she says reminds him that Enlil, the captured foreigner from earlier, knows about Lucifer, and if Olga wants to gain trust in Lucifer, he has to make a deal. Enlil gets his one day of freedom. Now, normally you’d think Olga couldn’t break a foreigner out all on his own. But did I mention how much ALCA security sucks? They didn’t even bother showing the escape- just cut right to a chase scene, as if to say, “Look, it’s not it was hard to get him out. He could have just walked right through the lobby with how much the security sucks. No point showing that.”Luck & Logic episode 9 Olga

The A team soon catches up to Enlil, and takes him downLuck and Logic episode 9 Lucifer in what’s honestly a decent fight. More on that later. Before Enlil goes down he lets off some vague lines about his business with someone named Veronica, that’ll be expended on another time… hopefully. And then Olga wakes up in a hospital with… Paradox Sickness? He lost his Logic Card, same as what happened to Yoshichika. Only his apparently wasn’t as lost, because look who already found it.

And just when you think we’re gonna get another, “Eh, okay” cliff-hanger, this episode actually hits us with some pretty cool twists and build-up in the final moments. Like, ones that make me kinda psyched for what’s to come. I usually don’t avoid spoilers in these, but that feeling of seeing things pick up was pretty awesome, and I don’t really have anything to say about that last minute other than it as good, so I think I’ll leave it a secret for those who want to watch now.



Until now, Olga, for me, has been a lot of charm just waiting for a little character. This episode gave him that character. I loved his laid back, “It’ll work out eventually,” attitude to not having a partner, but after nine episodes, he couldn’t even keep pretending it wasn’t killing him inside.

It’s hard to place exactly what bothers him. It’s not jealousy of the others, though there are slight moments of that. And it’s not even frustration that he’s not able to help. More than anything, it seems like impatience. Like he’d been promised this, but still hadn’t gotten it, even though he’d been doing everything he was told, all his training.

His frustration feels real, despite his usually easygoing attitude. It’s not great levels of depth (though it looks like there’s more to come next time), but it’s engaging from start to finish. Ya finally got one right, Luck & Logic.



This one’s just a little peeving to me. Lucifer walks in and everyone is immediately on full guard. Athena in particular shows she doesn’t trust him.

So then what the hell was episode 7 all about? Seriously, ya’ll call Yoshichika a bigot for not trusting Lucifer, then two episodes later you’re all like, “I don’t trust this Lucifer guy.” Man, I was right to call episode 7 the pointless episode.



Alright Luck & Logic, ya got two things right this time. First the better character work. Second a good fight scene. And it wasn’t all that hard.

Luck and Logic episode 9

This episode’s fight takes place in a deserted city space; a jungle of tall buildings. While there is some interacting with, and jumping off these, mainly they serve to obscure combat. Finding your opponent, and getting a clear shot off on him, are challenges. It means characters have to move around smartly, and attack from the right angles. It’s not Fire Emblem level or tactics, or Gurren Lagann epicness, but it is a hell-of-a-lot more engaging than standing opposite each other and just throwing a couple attacks out. And hey, this fight isn’t even a one or two hit knock out; the baddie gives some decent resistance and it takes a coordinated team attack to take him down. S’good.

That really sums up this episode. S’good.

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