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Athena accompanies Yoshichika on his visit home, where his sister has apparently invited all the other Logicalists because… ? I would say it’s because she’s a stupid child, but Yoshichika’s dad did the same thing with the Logicalist bosses, so I’m going to assume it’s a case of Anime-Protagonist-Family-Syndrome, a genetic cognitive impairment that is most common in parents and younger siblings. The only cure is to become at least as interesting as a snail, thus ceasing to be an anime protagonist.

Everyone throws a party, because it’s not like they’re mankind’s last level a defense against an invading army of monsters or anything (don’t worry, I’m sure they left that incompetent security guard from last episode in charge of the headquarters). Yoshichika’s mom is dead. This is how Mana eats.

Luck and Logic Mana gif

Someone please explain to me why any of this is happening

And Athena is upset that Yoshichika could, maybe, someday hit on other girls but hasn’t yet. Yeah, you read that right. She gets upset because Yoshichika’s father talks about him being surrounded by cuet girls, even though Chika himself hasn’t said or done anything. Good job Luck and Logic, you finally managed to give one of our two lead characters a clear motive, and it makes her seem even more directionless. Also, what’s with the talk of girlfriends? Chika and Athena’s trance is basically a wedding! Why put that blatant symbolism in there, if it’s never going to mean anything?


Seriously, this wasn’t exactly subtle

Anyway, Athena wanders off and runs into Lucifer, because why wouldn’t she conveniently catch him just wandering around twice, and he asks her if she likes Chika. It’s kinda like that scene from Final Fantasy 7, you know, the one where Sephiroth bumps into Tifa at the grocery store and asks her how things with Cloud is going. You know all overly religiously themed god-villains are really romantics at heart.

Chika and Athena get back to Chika’s home just in time for nothing interesting to continue to happen. An impressively dull lesbian bath scene follows. And Olga yells at Chika for assuming that the guy named Lucifer is evil. Okay Luck & Logic writers, we need to talk.

stop it

This is the most action-packed shot I could get of this episode. After the whole Mana eating thing.

2) Critique:

a) So our big revelation this episode is that Lucifer, the guy who’s been played up since episode 2 as the only major villain, is not a villain. Olga lets us know that having a power magnitude of 9.8 doesn’t mean Lucifer is evil, but the name still does.

From the perspective of the characters, I get how this works. Chika is being a pretty blatant bigot when you think about it, assuming that guy’s evil just because he’s a foreigner. But that’s from within the show. From the perspective of the audience, this guy has been made to look suspicious as a windowless van outside an elementary school, he’s the only possible candidate for being a major villain after seven episodes, and his name is freakin’ Lucifer! You may as well have had a narrator say, “Hey, here’s the bad guy!”

You’re allowed to send this kind of “don’t just a book by its cover” message, but you can’t just halt an entire villain build-up for it. This is like if Cell from DBZ reached his perfect form and was just like, “Okay, I got what I wanted, so we don’t need to fight anymore. By the way, I heard about this Majin Buu thing that’s coming; if you need help dealing with that, just give me a call.”

It’s completely derailed the only sense of direction this show had!

b) Other than that, everything I could say is what I’ve already been saying. Luck & Logic repeated disappoints me, and my only explanation for why I’m still watching is that I’ve been around too long and have been exposed to APFS.


3) Fringes:

a) There’s on moment I haven’t touched on, where Mana comes out and says that she’s done hoping for her parents to return, and is ready to move forward. It’s… fine, I guess, but that whole drama was two episodes ago. I thought this already happened. It’s just a pointless, out of place scene that I couldn’t find anywhere else to talk about. And on the topic of Mana, SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS THIS?!

Luck and Logic Mana gif

This is unedited, too. The fork just sorta disappears.

Don’t Lose Your Way