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Just minutes ago, Pokemon Direct went live on the Nintendo YouTube channel and announced the first two games of the seventh generation, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. What startling new features will gen 7 have? Languages! 7 or 9 of them, including two versions of Chinese! What gameplay did it show? Well, I’m not sure if you’d call it “gameplay”, but we did see the language select screen!

pokemon sun gen 7 announcedYeah, this is going to be a little internet joke for the next couple weeks, I’m sure, at least until more gets out about the games. Today is the 20th anniversary   of the release of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green in Japan, and this event was more just a “Hey, we gotta do something today.” Most of the 6 minute event live stream was a look back over all the generation of Pokemon, and as a long-time fan I did find it kinda nice. Obviously the games are too early in development to show, but they needed some kind of big news to launch the event. At the very least, this will put an end to all the dumb rumors about Sun/Moon, and all the arguing, that the internet got into yesterday.

pokemon moon gen 7The games will be available by the end of this year, and hopefully we’ll get some actual new information about them soon. What features are you hoping for in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? New Pokemon? Quadruple battles? Or maybe you’re just really psyched for all dem languages! Let me know in the comments! Personally, I’m just hoping to go clothes shopping again.

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