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It’s the Yukari episode. Yay, just what I always wanted, and episode about a character that I kinda completely forgot existed. Don’t expect many nice things to be said about this one.


a) So the episode titles, “Genius or Fool”, “Freedom or Restrain”, “Yesterday or Tomorrow”, and now “Battle or Surrender”; there’s a pretty obvious theme here. They’re all about the central characters conflict of the episode. It’s kinda a nice touch, but at this point, with seven episodes out now, they kinda look dull side by side. Like, of course your story and characters face some conflict, you don’t have to name the episode after it; give us something creative, interesting, and more thought provoking than this. Something that adds to the ideas at play, rather than echos them.



a) We start off with Yukari being sad that she sucks so much and kicks a soccer-ball at a first-grade level. But though she sucks at athletics, she’s apparently a pretty nice person to have around the workplace; sociable, kind, helpful. It’s that last one, helpful, that makes the difference between me immediately hating this, and me giving it a chance. She’s thankfully not a klutzy moe character.

b) She drops the security room to give… some guy (honestly, I’d be surprised if we ever see him again after this episode), and we see some captured monster in the security camera whining about it being cold. She moves on to go to some Logicalist training.

c) Apparently, just because Yukari and Olga don’t have partners, they still have to practice Trancing. Both try to trance with Athena, and both fail. So their lack of partners isn’t just bad luck, they actually lack whatever kind of skill is necessary to Trance.

This brings up a few questions. First, why the hell have Trances, particularly Athena and Yoshichika’s, been depicted as practically marriage if they apparently aren’t monogamist? I mean, I’m not necessarily saying polygamy is bad, but if you’re gonna have it in your story, you can’t act like it’s no big deal.

Second, how they hell did the organization find out that Olga and Yukari were Logicalists if they can’t do the thing that’s supposed to unlock a Logicalist’s powers? Oh well, Olga’s a least charming in Athena’s rejection of him. Hey, why can’t we have this guy as a main character? He’s got way more personality than Yoshichika.

Yukari walks away from the training having learned that a Trance is like a Super Saiyan, everyone reaches it a different way. So, taking all bets now, will a) her best friend be killed, b) she cries and whines until it just sorta happens, or c) her dad tries to kill her.Luck and Logic episode 6

d) Back in the security room, the monster from earlier pretends to be dead, so the guard opens up its cell to check on it. Yeah. Just runs in there alone, leaves the door open for the monster to walk right out of. Why the hell are they hiring this guy who looks like a student at his first part-time job to guard the jail where they keep interdimensional monsters?!

e) Of course the monster breaks free (apparently it’s the same snake thing as last episode), and somehow finds and captures Yukari before anyone else notices. And, rather than kill her immediately, he decides to give her a job interview. See, his finally perusing his lifelong dream of starting a religion (himself as the god, of course), and he needs a priestess to spread his message. It’s actually kinda neat. This is the first time we’re actually learning about the monsters and their motives; why they would want to invade our dimension. This guy at least has some plans.

f) Everyone else somehow found out about this, and rather than responding to the fact that there is a monster from another world in their base and holding one of their soldiers hostage, they just watch it on TV. God, this isn’t even a bad episode, but if the characters themselves can’t bother to give a shit, what can you expect of the audience?

Luck and Logic episode 6

Not really. If you attacked from behind he’d have to let her go.

g) The plan they eventually come up with is to blast the floor underneath Yukari and the monster, and fight it in the room below. Because… I got nothing. Like, it had its back to the door in the other room, so if they wanted to catch it by surprise they could have.

h) The dull, brief, disappointing fight ensues, and it looks like the monster is going to die. But then Yukari jumps in front of the last attack and saves him, because she’s just so nice.

What’s really annoying about this is, there was no reason for the monster to die anyway. The Logicalists evidently don’t kill unless they have to; that’s why this monster was imprisoned, not dead in the first place. And this fight was so one-sided that there’s no way the monster was any kind of threat.

i) Well, she apparently wins over the monster’s heart anyway, and he voluntarily surrenders, and decides to become Yukari’s partner. Yup, bad guy tried to kill us twice now wants to be one of our most trusted fighters? Sure!

Oh, and her battle costume makes her look like a little kid in a dragon Kigurumi.

Luck and Logic episode 6

Hey, I appreciate being able to fly. But do I have to look like an idiot?

Final Thoughts:

Yeah, skipping right to this because there’s not much else to say. It was a bit of a dull story, featuring a likeable but until now not really noteworthy character, with a bafflingly stupid ending. I’m not even sure if I can say there was a “fight scene”, because the entire fight was settled in one attack that happened off-screen. The animation is still vivid, but there are no visually interesting scenes, so it’s wasted. To almost the entire episode, all I have to say is, “meh.”

The only good thing from this was Yukari, and even she’s still pretty dull. She’s a likable character who, until now, seemed extraneous, and I do look forward to seeing her in a larger supporting role in the future. Just don’t make her the start of another episode.

Well, next time it’ll be episode 7, “Human or God”, and after reading the description, I am not looking forward to it. Until then

Don’t Lose Your Way