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Another single episode First Reaction?! Well, this season’s giving me some good stuff to work with. I might have to do more updates than usual to keep up, or this may become my latest “This Week On” series. But for now, let’s just talk about first reactions to Luck and Logic. Let’s just into it, shall we?

In Luck and Logic humanity has discovered a new substance more fundamental to the make-up of the universe than even matter. They’ve called this substance “Logic” and its discovery has opened some sort of connection between our world and a higher plane. Exactly how any of that works, we have yet to get into. But the point is, now we have people with super powers!

Luck and Logic episode 1 first reacion

As best as I can tell, these powers come about when a human and a being from some other world unite. The human is called a “Logicalist”, and is seems only certain people can actually become Logicalists. Those that do use their powers to fight monsters that come from other worlds.

Our protagonist, a young man named Yoshichika Tsurugi, was once one of these people, but two years ago lost his Logic Card and with it his powers in some kind of accident. Since then he’s just been a “Villager A” as his sister likes to call him. But now, in the midst of a giant monster attack, a woman from another world shows up. He name is Athena, and she has found Yoshichika’s Logic Card. She convinces him to team up with her, and they join the other Logicalists to defeat the monster and save the day!

Luck and Logic episode 1 first reacion

Luck and Logic episode 1 first reacion

So I tried keeping that synopsis simple, but there’s a lot going on here. For instance, Yoshichika and Athena’s transformation sequence involves them exchanging vows and kissing. Now, the incredible subtlety there might have gone over some viewers’ heads, but if you think very carefully about the subtext- okay, I’m dropping the pretense, they got hitched. Like, just three minutes after they met each other.

Afterwards, Athena transforms into Yoshichika’s weapon and armour, and that, along with the animation style, makes me think of this show as Kill la Kill crossed with Karas. Or Soul Eater crossed with Karas…. Or Karas crossed with Karas

Luck and Logic episode 1 first reacion

Actually, I was very surprised to find out that this (Studio Doga Kobo) wasn’t done by the same studio that made Karas (Tatsunoko Productions). If you haven’t noticed from the screen shots, we’re looking at heavy amounts of CG, but damn good CG.

While I’m as hesitant as anyone else about accepting any steps away from traditional animation, even I can’t complain about this. The show does right in knowing when to use CG, and when to stick to hand drawn animation. Hand drawn animation is better when dealing with details, and a soft, natural aesthetic. It’s better when handling people. CG, on the other hand, makes movement- the actual animation, not just the art- much easier. Luck and Logic uses it’s CG for large fights, other worldly monsters, and the visual effects surrounding them, but otherwise it sticks to traditional animation, lending character motivated moments a softer look that compliments the gentle and complex emotions being expressed.

Then there’s the character designs. We’ve only seen a few heroes so far, but I like them. We’ve got battle some battle costumes that look like they’re from Magical Girl anime, other that look from Kill la Kill, and others from Karas. It’s a fun variety, and it shows that the show won’t take itself too seriously.

Luck and Logic episode 1 first reacion

As for Yoshichika’s character, it has potential. At this point we haven’t seen much other than him being a pretty nice guy, and having at least a little quirkiness to set him apart from a generic Shounen protagonist. There are lots of things that got touched on in this episode- family situation, whatever happened two years ago, the actual complexities between being a “Villager A” and “the stereotypical mighty lead character, who never loses,” as his sister calls him by the end of the episode- and a lot of things that get left unsaid, like whatever happened to his previous partner who he went through the whole marriage transformation sequence thing with. A lot to expand on.

Speaking of the marital overtones, despite him and Athena declaring their commitment to one another in those vows, when he finds out that he’s sharing a room with her he freaks out. That seems a little odd.

Luck and Logic episode 1 first reacion

I predict this will be a monster of the weak series, and a good one with any luck. The main hurtle it has to climb is probably going to be its animation, since a lot of anime viewers just won’t touch CG (I’m often guilty of this too), but I think to overcome that it just has to show what it can do. Mostly, I think interesting arenas and well-choreographed team battles are what it needs. It’s already got the technical quality down as far as I’m concerned. It just needs unique and interested direction.

Here’s hoping this is a good one.

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