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So I’ve tried this new season chart thing before, and found it doesn’t really work well, at least not for what I do. There’s just too many shows to cover, and for most of them I have too little interest. So to cut it down, for the 2016 Winter anime season, I’m just going to go over the shows coming out that I might actually watch, or that stand out for some reason, starting with…


Ajin from Polygon Pictures:Ajin

Here’s a manga adaptation where I’d probably prefer the manga. Kei, a high school student (because anime), receives the gift of immortality, but rather than make him a super hero, it turns him into a lab rat to be experimented on. The PV gives it an air of action/adventure, rather than pure torture porn, and it makes me think a lot about Rin and Elfen Lied, both of which I love. Dark, dirty, dangerous; I’m beginning to like this war show.

But then there’s the animation. Pure CG, looking about two steps up from RWBY. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get into it at all, but I’ll try. Worst case, I drop it and look at the manga instead. If you share my love of Arms anime, this might do it for ya.


Ao no Kanata no Four RhythmAo no Kanata no Four Rhythm from Gonzo:

This one’s got just one selling point for me, flying. In sci-fi land Japan, anti-gravity shoes are invented, so some high schooler (anime) goes to play maybe Quidditch. I love the idea of non-propelled human flight. It scratches an itch for whimsy that I don’t otherwise have. I’m honestly just hoping to relive my experience when I watched Cardcaptors for the first time, and I know it won’t match that, and I know I’ll be disappointed, but dammit, I have to try!


Divine Gate from Studio Pierrot:Divine Gate

There’s some gate which can grant wishes or something. Some people wanna find it. This proves just how easy it is to sell me on a show. The PV looks alright; nothing outstanding, but animation I’m happy to look at from start to finished. And there’s a clear objective. No need for filler or meandering, just get to that gate thing before someone else. Leaves enough room for complex storylines and deep characters, but cuts out the space for pointless crap. I’ll give that a shot. It seems like a safe bet.


from A-1 Pictures:

Lowly manga artist has a time traveling super power which makes him the unwilling defender of justice as he has to go back to stop crimes before they Erasedhappen. The description could go either comedy or tragedy, but the PV definitely makes this look a lot more serious. Not dark or gritty, in fact it looks and sounds uplifting and spirit, just a little harsh. Anyway, it’s the mystery aspect that gets me here. Solving a murder as it’s about to happen, with knowledge of how it will turn out; that’s just interesting, and that’s what’s going to get ERASED’s hooks into me. If you haven’t hated my Higurashi articles for nearly a year, you might not hate this either.


GATE 2 from A-1 Pictures:GATE 2

Second season of GATE. I never finished the first, but based on this PV, I didn’t miss much. It looked fine, but I lost interest for some reason and never picked it back up. I’m really just curious where the show is now, and if the second season can hold my attention longer than the first. If you watched GATE then you probably already know if you’re going to watch this.


Haruchika: Haruto to Chika wa Seishun Suru
from P. A. Works:

Haruchika Haruta to Chika wa Seishun SuruHigh schoolers (still anime) in a band club try to solve a mystery around the school. The PV focuses a lot on musical notes written on a chalk board in blood, so I’m guessing it’s a murder mystery and that promo picture is complete tone-deaf. Anyway, it’s got “mystery” listed in its genres. That’s pretty much a guaranteed sell for me these days. But, for the most part, I recommend waiting and seeing; it looks solid, but the preview says so little that it could be school life rubbish.


Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut from Lerche:Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

I don’t know what to think of this. The PV has nothing by mech action, but mecha isn’t even listed as a genre. Going by the description it’s a dumb, boy in an all-girls school, fantasy harem ecchi, but absolutely none of that in the trailer. I’m just looking at it to figure out what the hell it is.



And that’s it. A lot fewer second and third seasons than when I looked at the anichart last, and it’s looking to be an overall acceptable season. As usual, I’ll pick up and drop things once the season gets going, but that’s all I really found interesting this winter. Hopefully I’ll be able to do reaction articles on some. Of course, please let me know if that’s something awesome that I overlooked, or if I accidently picked up a steaming turd. Or just let me know what you’re looking at this season.

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