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It’s no secret. Dragon Ball Super episode has some Super Saiyan God awful art. It’s the animation equivalent to that pun. Wanna see? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Dragon Ball Super episode 5 bad animation

But I’m not here to state the obvious. What done is done; let’s just hope they redo the episode for the DVD release. What I see here is an opportunity. Partly an opportunity to get some hits by posting on a currently heavily googled topic. And partly an opportunity to spread some knowledge about how this happened, and how it’s kind of miraculous it doesn’t happen a lot more often.

Let’s start with a little truth about the anime industry. It’s not exactly a world of big money. And while Dragon Ball would be the last franchise to hear the words, “We don’t have enough money,” when an entire industry runs on the cheap, even those with money to pay up will have trouble.

The problem is, animators typically aren’t paid particularly well. And when a job doesn’t pay well, it can be tough finding many people willing to practice and become good at that job. There are only so many animators out there. But quite a lot of anime gets produced.

Because so much anime is produced these days (about ten times as many shows per year as in 1975, and six times as many as 1989, the year DBZ started), there are simply not enough animators to go around. The result is the occasional this:

Dragon Ball Super episode 5 bad animation

Seriously, this really isn’t just my bad fan art!

Nowadays, most animators work on multiple projects at once, to help deal with this demand. But when you’re running a studio, and some of your best animators are behind schedule and busy working on Bikini Warriors (that is the true culprit in all this!), you would be justifiably anxious. But the show must go on. You have to have an episode up each week, and if it becomes a question of give fans nothing, or giving them something, you’ll choose the something.

Now, usually the studio can pull through. The show might now look as good as they envisioned, but it’s passible and only gets minor scrutiny from critics and fans. Dragon Ball Super episode 5 is an example of when they don’t pull through. When they get desperate and have to hire amateur and sometimes unprofessional artists, and tell them to get it done fast rather than well.

It’s not a matter of budget, it’s a matter of time. The cause of animation failures likes these

Dragon Ball Super episode 5 bad animation

is the anime industry working on short deadlines.

And, if I may soap box a bit, it’s because of good damn Bikini Warriors hogging precious animators’ time! Seriously, with only so much talent to go around, we keep letting crap like this put other shows in jeopardy every Super Saiyan God damn season! Sorry, just… nettled.

Anyway, I hope this was informative. Don’t Lose Your Way.