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So episode three of Food Wars is out on Crunchyroll for us plebs who lack the premium subscription, but this reaction only covers the first two episodes, because though I have enjoyed the show so far, I haven’t enjoyed it enough to rush to each new episode.  For those of you haven’t about the show about a guy who makes food so good it causes people’s clothes to pop off as they orgasm, that’s Food Wars. Now, that sounds incredibly stupid, and it is. And as someone who prides myself on not liking stupid stuff unless it’s the Gurren Lagann kind of awesome stupid, how can I admit to liking Food Wars? Well, because Food Wars is Gurren Lagann stupid.

Food wars food mafia don

Okay, so I started episode 3

The show is about Soma, a talented culinary underdog who works at his dad’s restaurant. At least he did, until his dad decided to go do other stuff, and sent Soma to a hyper-elite cooking school, where terrible graduation rates are apparently a good thing. And that’s pretty much the plot so far.

The structure of the episodes so far is as follows: someone gives Soma a seemingly impossible cooking challenge, Soma confidently takes it on, he cooks a dish so good that the challenger has no choice to admit it unless the challenger is probably-tsundere mega bitch # 47. It’s a straightforward system, but the show does it well thanks to Soma’s and the writers’ ingenuity. I don’t know a whole bunch about food, but as far as I can tell, the dishes Soma makes at least seem like clever original ideas.Did he just "This isn't even my final form" food?

Soma himself is a generic protagonist from a different genre. He’s a laid back, dimwitted shounen fighting protagonist, in the role of a non-shounen non-fighting character. It’s not an original character by any means, and the charm it once had has long since run dry in its own genre, but here it can get at least some millage. Though I doubt enough to make it through a full thirteen episodes.

There is a bit more to him. He has a creative drive, which is part of his genius, but which also convinces him he needs to try octopus tentacles mixed with peanut butter. The problem is, he doesn’t show much more depth than that.


Food Wars is worth checking out, but probably not following carefully. And uhh… that’s all I really have to say about it. Alright then

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