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Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? Do I have to say it? I mean, read the title, we all already know the truth. If that’s not enough for you, look at the promo art.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon promo artThis show is stupid. After the first episode, I was thinking maybe it’s not as stupid as I thought it would be. But by the end of the second episode… yeah, it’s dumb.

There’s no Such Thing as a Stupid Question Oh Wait, Stupid Question is an anime based on dungeon crawler RPGs. Our main character, Ukeru (forget his real name; this suits him better, all we need is Seme) is a novice adventurer working for a big-boobed loli goddess, and none of this is supposed to sound weird.

Ukeru really sucks, but he dreams of not sucking, and apparently he dreams so hard that he gets an XP-up X gem. But the goddess who runs their two member guild, Hestia, doesn’t want him to know about this because… Well, the script seems to be trying really hard to explain why, but I don’t think it makes any sense. She’s jealous because her little yaoi boy likes some other girl, and that’s about as far as it goes. The story seems to be about Hestia supporting Ukeru as he struggles as an adventure, trying to find enouh gems in the dungeon every day so that the two don’t starve to death. Though he’s only been an adventurer for two weeks, and she’s been a mortal running this guild for presumably a couple decades longer than that, so how she wasn’t starving before he showed up is a mystery to me.

Despite all this, I had some hope at the end of episode one. I mean, the thing was stupid, but it was upfront in its stupidity, and dove into the RPG fantasy stuff full force. It was actually surprisingly faithful to the inspiration, and built an RPG fantasy universe complete with level-ups, stats, special abilities, weapon types, and overworld cities. I’ve always been of the opinion that you can make a good show about anything, including loli-goddesses, Ukeru, and dungeon crawling. You just need to be into it, and make it engaging. The end of episode one seemed to have that.

Then episode two happened. Ignoring little inconsistencies like, Ukeru returning to a restaurant in the middle of the day for no reason just because the plot needed him to, I’d like to focus on this one scene.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon give him the knife episode 2

Give him the knife!


Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon episode 2

Umm, guys. How come you’re immune to explosions? Also, give him the damn knife!

The main thing accomplished in the episode is that Hestia acquires a new, extremely powerful, knife for Ukeru. She has it there, in the pouch tide between her boobs because boobs are the best scabbards. She has it with her during this entire scene where they are being chased by a giant monster. Plenty of opportunity to give it to him. It would probably be useful in this situation. Hell, there’s even a point where his knife breaks, they have the monster paralyzed, and she still doesn’t think to just give him the damn knife!

Even when they’re nearly safe, they have plenty of time to talk, and she knows he’s about to go back and fight the thing unarmed, she doesn’t think to say, “Oh right! It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!”

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon episode 2 give him the knife

Give him the knife! Give him the knife! Give him the knife!

I know why it happened. It’s because it’s plot convenient. It’s because in episode three he’s gonna be fighting monster and getting the crap beat out of him. Then she’ll come in at the last second and either save him, or finally just give him the knife, and we’ll get to see just how powerful it truly is, and how much she cares for him, and blah blah blab. No. Not buying it. This is just stupid, and poor writing.

Is it Cliché to have a Male Protagonist that all Female Characters Inexplicably Love? Is not shaping up to be a good anime. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. If the name and fanservice do it for you, go watch the stupid thing. But don’t blame me when you find yourself shouting at the screen, “Give him the knife!”

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