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Here’s a question, if you’re remaking a series, where should you start? Episode 1 season 1? No silly! Start with the one with the most inconclusive ending, where old minor characters appear with no context or introduction, and which get’s interrupted near the end by the most well written and important not-filler arc ever! Yu-Gi-Oh Hen will be a remake of just the Battle City arc.

Now to some degree, I understand this. It was Battle City that made Yu-Gi-Oh popular in the west, and season 1 was such a mess you could probably edit it and dub over it yourself in perhaps a comedic ironic way abridged from the original and it might be better. And with a little writer (something Yu-Gi-Oh has struggled with in the past) it could work as a first season. Well, at least as well as the actual first season did.

But still, this is a season that ends on a sexy Egyptian man removing his shirt so another sexy Egyptian man reincarnated in the body of a white Japanese kid can read it to find out more about his past. You can’t just stop there. (I’ve watched enough gay porn to know that’s not even at the good part yet!)

That’s not to mention the what-the-fuckery that is the Noah Arc, which just sorta slides in between these episodes like a greased up pole between- where that hell am I getting these analogies?

The point is, WHAT? If you’re going to try remaking Yu-Gi-Oh, start at season zero, it’s short, intriguing, kinda absolutely fundamental to the series, and would make a good test to see if the audience is there. The Pegasus arc may be skipped if enough work is done to make Battle City properly introductory to the card game and other characters. And for god’s sake, cut out Noah!

Don’t Lose Your Way