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Today I woke up to a Nintendo Direct livestream, and just felt like talking about some of the things in it. So, uh… yeah.

Fire Emblem: Nintendo kicked off the event with the the announcement of a new Fire Emblem game to be released on the 3DS. Based on the gameplay and commentary, it appears to be very similar to FE Awakening, being made by the same team at Intelligent Systems, and same character designer, Kozaki Yusuke, but a different writer, Kibayashi. According to Satoru Iwata the overall scope of the game is much larger, and player choices will be more significant. As far as I can tell from this and the footage, it’s just a sequel; same concept; slightly bigger.

Eshop: You cna buy digital copies of your old Wii games! Give us money! I’m sure this feature benefits some people who either never had a Wii, or have so much money it’s worth re-buying them just to not have to go through the Wii-mode on the WiiU, but I only had time to watch so much of this live, and to leave it on that note just left me unexcited to come back to it.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Nothing big here. Just more gameplay footage and a release date, February 20th. The game will have collectibles and amiibo support, both of which I think were already assumed. Though I do like the models for the collectible figurines (the in-game ones); the divots and bumbs give them this imprecise molding look that fits the Kirby art style very well.

Splatoon: This is what I was waiting for! The game looks like it’s being fleshed out. More multiplier maps, some single player footage; I’m still looking forward to this one. There’s a central hub, where to start the game, enter matchmaking, and can buy clothing that changes your character’s look and stats. There’s more into on weapons; you get three, a main, a sub, and a special. It looks interesting and creative, but I’m a little worried about how developed it will be. I’m psyched for Splatoon because the basic concepts of the game are so new and could drastically change the play-style of a team-based shooter. But that works under simplicity; you give the player these core mechanics, and you see how they play with them. Too many peripherals could make for dominant strategies that discourage what the game can do. More content isn’t bad, but I hope there will be matchmaking options for more straightforward games.

Hyrule Warriors: The Majora’s Mask DLC Pack. Tingle is going to be a DLC playable character. Tingle is a playable character. Tingle. I just… what?! Y-yes, I want that. I had no idea I wanted it; I never in my life thought I wanted it, but yes. I want that.. Also, young Link is in the DLC pack, with the Kokiri Sword and Fierce Deity’s Mask.

Xenoblade Chronicles X: I actually plan on doing a larger article on this, looking at everything that’s been shown of it. So for now I’ll be glib. Lotsa walking and I like it.

New 3DS: Hi Reggie! No, I don’t like your iDS 3s. But I like your 8-bit Mario pin. Though I like the way they compare the N3DS to the 3DS, like a paper-towel commercial showing how much the other brand sucks. But in this case, they are the other brand. Don’t become your own worst enemy Nintendo. Smash 4 on 3DS is hardly a selling point now that Smash 4 is out of beta and on the WiiU. Also, I love the way “new” is written in the logo, with colours around it that sorta look like quotation marks, as if to say: “new”3DS. The available colours are just icing on the cake, “new red” and “new black”; they know they’ve made the word meaningless.

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.: Alright, I’m back to liking Nintendo handhelds. Apparently you can get Fire Emblem characters into the game via amiibo, with the N3DS. I don’t care about amiibos, and I think my thoughts on the N3DS are clear, but hey, some people will enjoy it.

Xenoblade Chronicles on N3DS: God dammit! Don’t remind me of that. But I don’t have to be too bitter; I can’t see Xenoblade working as well on a portable anyway. Still, would it have killed you to include it in those WiiU eshop Wii games?

IronFall: just based off the footage, the early Ratchet and Clank games have better action controls.

Well, that’s today’s Nintendo Direct. I liked a few things. I didn’t like some. Overall, it’s actually left me in a bad mood. So I guess these things really are like Nintendo’s own mini-E3.

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