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Hello again, Psycheout. Perhaps you are right in saying that anime makes people perverts, because the only explanation for me continuing to reply to this crap is that I’m a massive Masochist. But that’s besides the point. Today on The Anime Harvest, I’m replying to another article by Psycheout, this time about Clannad. Let’s jam.

Link to the article: https://blogs4conservatives.wordpress.com/2007/12/08/clannad-exception-to-the-rule/

“I have been doing my best to be fair to the Narutards…”

Oh, it shows. Insulting fan of an entire medium halfway into the first sentence of an article clearly demonstrates fairness towards them.

“…ever since I first pointed out that anime encourages murder.”

Don’t you mean, ever since you asserted that anime encourages murder, with no actual evidence, shoddy at best research and a clear lack of understanding of the medium and modern artistic media as a whole?

“Well at least most anime.”

By most you of course mean few, if any. I haven’t actually seen stuff like Violence Jack and Devilman, so I don’t know just how bad they might be. But even if their depictions of violence are as bad as I’ve heard, it’s very difficult to make the case that some encourages violence, let alone murder.
While violent media (of all kinds, not just anime) may increase a person’s tendency for violence, saying something encourages violence implies some directorial decision. Even if you can demonstrate that deceptions of violence are completely senseless and are not meant to convey elements of a story for artist expression, you still can’t say that it encourages violence when the far more likely explanation is that it’s just immature.

“I may have found an anime, at last, that breaks with smutty convention.  And for that I am thankful.

Wait, so you’re telling me that until now you have felt confident making serious claims about “most anime”, and yet you’ve only now heard about ClannadClannad‘s not exactly a niche, obscure series. I’m not saying a person has to watch every anime in the past decade before their opinion should be taken seriously, but if you’re this ignorant about the topic, how can you even take your own opinion seriously? Like, how much any have you actually watched? Three episodes of Pokémon and a One Piece OVA?

“Clannad appears to be the story of a young man who doesn’t much like his family, which is of course a bit of a sin in itself.”

Tomoya’s relationship with his father is one aspect of the show, but not it’s central focus. Also, saying he doesn’t like him is an oversimplification of a complex father-son relationship that’s one of Clannad’s strongest genuine emotional aspects. Tomoya clearly loves his father, but is also deeply frustrated with him.

As for the sin, stop shoving your religion into everything. Yes, it’s a character flaw. Tomoya has difficulty understanding these emotions, and mishandles them. Then, as he grows up and matures, he comes to better understand and deal with them, eventually putting his broken relationship with his father back together. This is called character growth. It’s kinda something good stories do, and requires as a prerequisite that a character be flawed in some way.

“…his father has fallen into Satan’s clutches: he gambles, he drinks, he doesn’t work.  He’d probably even vote for Democrats.”

Again, demonstrating flagrant ignorance. Tomoya’s father, Naoyuki Okazaki does work. In fact, he works very long hours to give his son as much as he can. This isn’t a bit of little known trivia, this is made very clear in the show.

“But the young man, a senior in high school, meets a young girl, also a high school senior, who has a wonderful, although apparently secular, family.”

If you want something Christian, go read the bible. Get over the fact that not every bit of media is all about Jayzuz. Other than that, yeah, Akio and Sanae Furukawa are hilarious, adorable, and great parents ^.^ Most of the best scenes in Clannad and After Story are just any scenes that they’re in ^.^

“…in future episodes, this is…”

Alright, when I first “in future episodes”, I was ready to pounce and call Psycheout out for writing an article about the anime before actually watching it. But, this article was posted on December 8th of 2007, in the middle of Clannad‘s original run and when only the first 10 out of 22 episodes were available. So obviously Psycheout couldn’t watch the whole series without putting the article off for months. As someone who does first impressions, i get this, and think it’s reasonable if Psycheout had only watched 8 or 9 episodes at the time.

“Take a look at the first episode (which is all I have seen so far).”

Well, fuck.

Also, that link Psycheout put in there for the first episode goes strait to youtube, where the episode was posted. Last time he/she was strictly against pirating content, and specifically anime. Now he/she is watching pirated anime. Unprincipled, watching pirated content, and Psycheout has the fucking gall to lecture people about values.
Usually I’d remove the link, since I am against piracy, but the video has already been taken down due to copyright violations.

“And if there’s an anime about family, rather than panties, it just might be worth checking out.”

Oh, you should watch Panty and Stocking! It’s about two sisters (family), and they’re angels and work with a priest! (Christianity).

Update: I have done some further research on Clannad and discovered that it’s based on a game, a dating simulator, of the same name.  That gave me pause.  However, it appears that it is the first of its kind to not include ‘hentai’ (porno) content.  That was its selling point, believe it or not!”

I love how you make an article, and then do your research after and just post it as updates. Wait, “love” isn’t the word… Find it laughably foolish and anti intellectual. That’s it.

Not that the research you did is any good. While, yes, the Clannad anime is an adaptation of a dating sim by the same name, it is not the first one not to contain nudity. After doing some of my own research, I figured out where Psycheout might of gotten this idea.
From Wikipedia: “Both Kanon and Air were originally produced as adult games, but Key broke this trend with their third title Clannad which was released in April 2004 for all ages.”
Saying ” it is the first of its kind to not include ‘hentai’ (porno)”, when it’s only the first from one particular studio not to contain nudity, is not a mere slip up or vague language. That’s a boldface lie, yet somehow it doesn’t surprise me.

Also, not everything that contains nudity is porn. A lot of art portrays nudity, and it’s not pornographic. Many films have nudity but are not porn. Pornography is sexually explicit material which is meant to bring about sexual arousal. Nudity alone does not meet that standard.
In fact, just looking at a visual novel, Katawa Shoujo contains nudity and sexually explicit material, but I don’t believe it should be classified as porn. The material is not meant to simple arouse the viewer, it is part of large story and character arcs and is used to convey characters emotions, identities, and romantic inclinations towards one another (or lack there of, in some cases). This is the role of sex and nudity in most well regarded dating sims. I’ve seen reviews of the Katawa from Christians, with strongly held family values, recommend reading the visual novel with the adult content turned on because it portrays sex not as pornographic, but as romantic.

“…so far this appears to be the pinnacle of anime.”

Oh, Arkaaadaa~
Heh heh. Just have to throw a jab at the guy for what he said about Kill la Kill‘s fanservice.

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