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We’ve been talking about some heavier topics here on The Anime Harvest lately, so I thought this time we’d slow it down a bit. I’ve got a couple SoL and comedy reviews in mind, but until those are ready, please enjoy this. I recently finished Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, and as fun as it was, there were no Megas that weren’t already shown in the pregame hype. So, here are the Top 13 Mega Evolutions I Still Want to See

13- Mega Venusaur X/Y and Mega Blastoise X/Y:

Why is Charizard so special that it gets two megas? Is it because it’s everyone’s favorite? It’s not my favorite! I like Venusaur, partly just because it was Red’s in the manga, but I still like it. Venusaur fans like me just got the shaft with minimal design change and unsubstantial stat buffs. Blastoise fans got it a lot better, with the badass arm cannons and new ability, but Charizard… Charizard gets one mega to give it a crazy awesome design and true dragon typing, and second to make it an OP special attacker. That ain’t fair; I want a good mega Venusaur.

12- Mega Butterfree:

Who ever liked beedrill? The anime hype it up as something really scary and intimidating, but in the games it really sucks. Wait, what’s that? Mega Beedrill?! Yeah, and with 150 attack and 145 speed, this thing can be as intimidating a bug as Heracross. But why is Butterfree being left behind? It’s always been the alternative to beedrill, the two share the same stat totals and highest stat value, before and after gen VI; butterfree is a special attack psychic type, and beedrill is the physically oriented poison type. Part of why butterfree didn’t get a mega evolution might be because its design just didn’t inspire ideas as cool as the new design mega beedrill, but that didn’t stop them with mega goddamn venusaur!

11- Mega Hydreigon:

Would it be over power? Hell yeah! That’s the point! Enough pseudo-legendries have got their mega evolutions, and they’re all pretty awesome. Imagine hydreigon getting the 8 heads of the dragon it’s based on, Orochi. If you’ve played Okami, you know Orochi as that really epic boss that just gets better each time you fight him. If you haven’t played Okami, play Okami.

10- Mega Dragonite:

This is in the same vein as mega hydreigon, but this one I think will actually happen by gen VII. It’s always been a big deal, and even though every generation (except gen II) has gotten its own similar powerful dragon type, dragonite was still the first. Well, dratini is the first dragon type, but nobody even bothers looking at a dratini unless they’re trying to get dragonite!

9- Mega Eevee:

Well, every other generation Game Freak gives the cuetest little normal type new and unique methods of evolution. Whether its stones, time of day, rocks, or knowing a certain type of move. May as well add another type of stone to that. And because of the unusual nature of mega evolution, they could go way out of the box with this one, and give eevee a really special type like dragon, or even just normal.

8- Mega Eeveelutions:

Some of these guys are pretty good as they are, like umbreon and my personal favourite, sylveon. But others could really benefit from a mega evolution. Flareon is a cool fire type, but its poor speed and defense just make it way to frail. And I love flareon. Back when I first played Heart Gold, I used a flareon, and despite being the lowest leveled member of my team, when up against Lance, after all my other pokémon were down, it managed to tank that dragonite’s Draco Meteor and Hyper Beam over and over without even needing to be healed. It was one of those truly epic gaming moments for me, and it was what made me start transferring my best pokémon forward to each new gen. Now if I could throw a mega stone on that beast, I wouldn’t need another fire type ever again! The only problem with these is that the beauty in eeveelution designs is their simplicity. They represent their types with a subtle minimalist astatic, and mega evolutions are far from subtle.

7- Metal Garurumon:

Well, first we’d need a pokémon equivalent of Garurumon, but we damn well should! There are two thinks that make a cool pokémon for me. Does it use Ice Beam well? And is it a wolf? We have fairy types now, so ice isn’t as important for taking down dragons, but I still like it, and I’ve never had an ice type that really did it for me. That’s probably because I’ve never had a wolf ice type.

6- Mega Slowking;

This is another beedrill/butterfree thing, only this time, the comparison is even more obvious. Slowbro and slowking are both evolutions of slowpoke, creating the trifecta of boring pokémon names. Again, they have the same base stat total, and the only real difference in stats is that slowbro is more physically defensive while slowking is more special defensive; they’re both special attackers, and they’re both slow. Because the family’s main weakness are grass and electric types, slowking has always been the slightly better of the two, even after the physical-special split. Giving a mega evolution may have been a way to balance that out, but it didn’t. They dropped a fridge on the scale when a feather would’ve done, and now slowking sucks by comparison. Not that I care that much, I’m not a big slowking fan, but I like these balanced relationships between pokémon like slowbro and slowking, and beedrill and butterfree, so to see them suddenly mean nothing just kinda sucks.

5- Mega Clefable:

If you’re into pokémon fan myths, you probably already figured out why this should be a thing. For those who don’t know, there’s a popular theory that gengar is clefable’s shadow. They both have very similar shape, even down to their big pointed ears, and three fingered hands. They also both have tails and spikes on their backs, though this is a bit of a stretch. Finally, gengar’s species is the shadow pokémon, so presumably it would have to be the shadow of something. And it’s been argued that clefable is “the moon pokémon”, which would also be associated with shadow, but I can’t find any official reference to clefable every being anything other than the fairy pokémon, even before fairy was a real type. Cresselia is the lunar pokémon, but if she has an opposite it would obviously be darkrai. Another thing, before gen VI, clefable was a normal type, so some people say that it and gengar couldn’t hit each other with their STAB moves, but this ignores the fact that gengar’s always had poison as a secondary type. Still, if Game Freak did intend a connection between these two, gengar having a mega evolution but not clefable breaks this. Otherwise, whose shadow is mega gengar?

4- Mega Golem and Mega Machamp:

Again, gengar related, and alakazam too this time. My reasoning here is pretty simple; back in gen I there were four pokémon that evolved through trading, graveler, machoke, kadabra and haunter. Their final evolutions have always had very similar base stat totals, and some were adjusted in gen VI, making them even more similar. So if the special attackers gengar and alakazam get mega evolutions, why not the physically oriented golem and machamp? Golem’s even got a shell it could burst out of or something, maybe make it into a really fast rock type. Then again, now that I’ve pictured it, maybe they shouldn’t do that.

3- Mega Skarmory:

Nothing really special with this one, I just want it. I want it like a kid wants some toy that they’ll probably forget about by the time they get home from the store. I want it like I want just one more M&M after going through one of those mini-packets. I want it like I want just five more minutes of sleep every morning. It’s been a great pokémon in the past that just hasn’t held up as well in recent years. I felt bad passing one up in my Alpha Sapphire playthrough, but it just wasn’t good enough. It’s a decent pokémon that could really use the buff of a mega evolution, and unlike a lot of others, there’s no risk of over-design here. It’s already a bird made out of steel; go nuts!

2- Mega Meganium, Feraligatr, and Typhlosion:

There’s almost no reason to even ask for this one, because it’s gonna happen. We got gen I and gen III starter megas; they’re probably gonna continue doing it one gen at a time with gen II being next. But the thing is, I don’t care about the other gens. After gen III, I start thinking of starters as optional; they may not be bad, but you can probably build a better team without them. Heck, for gen V it’s not even an option, they’re just not worth using. Some might argue that this just means they’re in more need of megas, to make them better, but I don’t care. I just want mega lazorgator.

1- Mega Scyther:

Scizor, as an evolution to scyther, always seemed a bit odd to me. Even before I knew much about the mechanics of pokémon, it just felt like a bit of a downgrade. I mean, you’ve got a scythe, one of the coolest looking things ever made, and scyther’s got two of ‘em! For ARMS! Sure, it’s actually a farming tool and glorified lawn mower, but is that what you’re thinking when you’ve got two coming at you? And what’s scizor got? Oh yeah, some scissors. Whatever. Heck, they’re not even scissors, they’re stubby little lobster claws; I doubt they could even cut paper. It wasn’t until later that I realized that scizor and scyther actually have the same base stat total, 500. The only things that’re different about the two is their typing, move pools, and stat distribution; evolving to scizor drops the pokémon’s speed significantly, but boosts its attack and defence. Overall, I get that scizor is better due to its great typing (giving it only one weakness and 8 resistances), larger movepool and reliable one-hit knock-outs, but scyther is still an awesome pokémon with a lot of usability. Scyther is the pokémon I most want to see get a mega evolution.

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