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1) The Good:

1.1) I’m impressed by Ryouta’s character. He’s still not especially interesting, but he’s always significant, pushing the story instead of being pulled along by it. Hell, anyone with the guts to boss around 4 badass witches (though I guess we don’t actually know Kotori’s a witch yet) is more interesting to watch than He Who Must Not Run Away.

1.2) Kana is often concerned with being a burden. But Ryouta says she’s a burden that he’s becoming accustomed to; “Pretty soon, you’ll feel just like the bag I take to school.” On one hand, this means he’s willing to make her just an everyday part of his life. But it could also mean she’ll soon feel even more like dead weight, like nothing more than a backpack.

1.3) Why is Neko so kind. She will walk into a forecast of her own death to try to save another. There’s gotta be more to that than “she’s just naturally nice.” More memories perhaps?

2) The Bad:

2.1) Right out of the gate, boob jiggle accompanied by ridiculous sound affect. Who thinks this is a good idea, in ANY show?

2.2) More than just the boob thing, out of the entire first three and a half minutes, there’s nothing but slice of life crap which this show isn’t the least bit suited for, and dialogue that means absolutely nothing. At least after that the slice-of-life-isms start contributing to character a bit, since we don’t know much about the two newbies.

2.3) “I have something to ask you.” “Hmm? You mean the size of my boobs?” I am this close to dropping you, Brynhildr! Last episode was bad enough; now give me something thought provoking.

Brynhildr in the Darkness Episode 5 Kitty ^.^


2.4) I honestly care more about the kitten here than the girl. There’s no tension; I’m not concerned about her dying, because she’s hardly even been introduced yet. 2 minutes, that’s all the show would have needed to give her before this for me to care, but as it is, he death is no more significant than the ones we hear about happening off screen. Also, the subs didn’t reflect it, but I’m pretty sure I heard her call that cat “sempai”.

3) Everything Else:

3.1) Neko’s jealous of Kazumi and Ryouta, how cute. And for once, I can sorta get behind a romantic subplot. After all they’ve done to protect each other, it makes sense for feelings to develop. They’ve cared a lot about each of since episode 3, where Neko was willing to torture herself to see the ocean, and Ryouta decided to risk his life for the pills. But I don’t think that’s the main point of this scene. I think it was to show that Neko’s powers are fairly unstable, and can potentially be refined and improved.

3.2) So it’s confirmed, she does lose her memories when she overexert herself. This would be more interesting, if it hadn’t been obvious for the past two weeks. Also, this is used to play more on the connection to Kuroneko. The show’s spinning it’s wheels, and going nowhere.

3.3) I’ve said before that the interesting relation between Kuroneko and Neko isn’t about whether they’re actually related, but how the idea of them being related affects Ryouta and Neko’s feelings and sense of self. The reveal-reset was a manipulative and poor way to give away the actually relation to the audience, but it doesn’t ruin the intrigue. What does ruin the intrigue is Ryouta constantly entertaining the idea that “Maybe Kuroha really is Kuroneko”, without ever thinking anything more of it. No progress or developing ideas. Just a brief reminder that he’s feeling kind of unsure about it.

Brynhildr in the Darkness episode 5 Asakura

“The abnormality that formed inside Nagato’s system must have caused her to create a malfunctioning Asakura.” -The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

3.4) She hung up, so there’s no issue, right? I’m pretty sure witches are still capable of killing with knives and stuff.

3.5) Why would they suddenly get scared once they found out which witch they were up against? They already knew it would be a AA+, and I doubt most AA+s are easy to handle, but this one happens to be OP.

Brynhildr in the darkness episode 5 Asura Cell

Do I make the DBZ reference, or the Soul Eater one…

3.6) Wait, she’s a AA+ but can only use 1 type of magic? I thought the AA rating was specifically for witches that could use 2 types. Did they just make her AA+ anyway because that’s more intimidating? I’m starting to think these bra sizes witch rankings are completely arbitrary.

Final Thoughts:

So, next episode we’re opening with a fight. The last fight wasn’t bad, so hopefully it’ll make up for all the boring parts lately. I really hope this show picks up, but it often seems more like’s it’s struggling not to fall down. Anyway, until next week

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