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1) Memories:

1.1) Well right off the bat, that title “Lost Memories” promises to expand on some stuff I touched on last week.

1.2) For a show about memory, Brynhildr seems to think we constantly need to reminded of things. It’s irritating wasting time for flashbacks about things that really aren’t that hard to remember for a week, especially when they break up a tense scene. It makes the show feel childish because it treats the viewer like a child.

1.3) “I guess she doesn’t have those underarm moles afterall”. Oh, right. He found out after the time roulet (Joey would be so proud), so now he doesn’t know. But why? Was it just to jerk the audience around? Make us care about there relationship more right before she died, then just undo it all? That’s not good writing, it’s blatant emotional manipulation.

1.4) “Don’t cry just because you’re happy she said you name.” But it’s not just because he’s happy. It also reminded him of Kuroneko’s death. That is good use of a flashback.

2) Witches:

2.1) I was right! When Neko died, I realized Saori’s second power must be some kind of limited time travel. But how will this work? How can they assure she’ll travel enough for Neko to be back alive, without backstabbing them. Heck, she could kill Ryouta in the blink of an eye with how close he is now. Or are we going to use plot convenience rules on this one, and just say it works.

2.2) Why would Saori turn time back far enough for both Neko and Ryouta to be alive? If there’s a set amount of time she has to turn it back, she could have just held on a little longer, then turned to right after she killed Neko at least.

2.3) Kana’s keeping secrets from Neko huh? Interesting.

2.4) Why do witch rankings sound like cup sizes? AA+?

3) On the Technical Side:

3.1) Alright, this intro music’s grown on me. It sounds great. This intro really is amazing.

Brynhildr in the darkness episode 4 bath

3.2) I’m no stranger to reading to much into bath scenes (Kill la Kill), but this one’s just pure fanservice. Also, how does he not see those moles?!

4) Witch in the Shell:

4.1) “So harnests are valuable to people at the lab?” Not necessarily. They could just want it as a proof of bounty. I doubt the severed heads of outlaws were very useful to the U.S. government back in the days of cowboys, but they still wanted to see them.

4.2) So it was a stupid tease to have him see the moles, but now that we’re back to square one at least some of the identity themes can still be fleshed out. For example, now he seems to care for Neko without reference to Kuroneko. In his eyes, he cares that she’s happy seeing the ocean for her own sake, and not just to fulfill a memory.

4.3) Baby alien… I’m on the fence about this show’s science. The visual style really emphasises it in ways that even reminded me of Ghost in the Shell. But the dialog and story haven’t done anything with it yet.

5) Final Thoughts:

So this episode’s got nothing on episode 3. It was just characters getting to know each other more than any kind of development in characters, themes or plot. And also it’s become a Harem anime, because what the hell did you expect from Arms. It hasn’t gone down hill I don’ think, it just hasn’t gone anywhere at all. Hopefully next week it picks up again.

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