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Apparently I don’t have to do a first reaction to Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san. I’m finally watching it. It’s 3 minute 30 second, poorly animated short episodes, which themselves are composed of disjointed 4-panel-gag-manga adaptations, wherein one character likes dogs and another likes cats, all paced way too quickly but it’s not like it would be any better if it slowed down either. Lucky Star, meets Master of Killing Time, meets an overclocked treadmill, meets shit.

And yet… I am ashamed to admit I’ll probably watch more of it. It’s got cute zoomorphic girls, softcore yuri, and it’s less than 5 minutes a pop even with ads. I like cats, dammit!

So, in summation, 5 stars! 10 outta 10! Must buy! Saviour of anime!

Don’t Lose Your Way