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I’ve always really liked Lucky Star. There’s no plot to follow, no conflict to worry about, nothing deep to think about. It’s just relaxing. When I’m feeling down, or have a little May sickness, Lucky Star isn’t a cure, but it’s more like advil. There are other shows that work to the same effect, but Lucky Star‘s always my first pick. Some charming, light hearted anime humor to get through a long day. So, with it playing in the background, I think it’s time to take a look at the 2014 Spring anime season.

Fall 2013 was the first season where I paid attention to new anime as it came out, and though in the end Kill la Kill was the only series I kept up with, it was a fun experience. This Winter I’ve been following a couple more, and I think I understand the appeal more. The anticipation built up over the week waiting for each episode, and the time it gives you to think about them one at a time makes your really love the show you’re watching. And I’m not just following the shows, I’m also following other people’s blogs/thoughts on each episode so it’s not just me experiencing a show alone, but with a whole fan community. It’s been fun the past two seasons, but with Kill la Kill ending soon (already over for most people, but free legal streaming puts you a week behind) I’m looking to find some new shows to replace it in the Spring. So, here are my thoughts on the shows that caught my eye.

Abarenbou Kishi!! Matsutarou: It’s a sports anime about sumo wrestling. I’ve never watched much sports anime, but even I know that Sumo Wrestling should have been adapted a thousand time already but hasn’t. What really caught my eye was “… his own carefree personality”. Carefree always appeals to me. It doesn’t look very substantive, but I can get behind a little bit of shallow fun and excitement.

Black Bullet: A dystopian Seinen series where the main character has “peculiar powers”. Nothing stands out about the description, but it could be good. I’ll be watching the first episode or two, but if it doesn’t stand out quickly it’ll be dropped.

Break Blade: Mechs (Golems), sorcery and Athens, all oriented towards a war. I’m honestly a little tired of mechs right now, but Athens caught my attention. This sounds like it could be similar to Nobunaga the Fool, and though I’ve fallen a little behind on that show lately, and it has some pretty large flaws, I haven enjoyed it. Then again, it could be completely different. These descriptions kinda suck.

Fairy Tail (2014): I never watched Fairy Tail, so this is just a convenient way to check it out. Though it does seem odd to have a reboot of a show that’s still airing… Or is this just a new season? I guess I’ll find out when I start watching it.

Fuun Ishin Dia Shogun: Mechs, edo Japan and historical fiction. Another one that sounds like Nobunaga, though the synopsis isn’t very enlightening. I almost turned this one down because of the tagline “I can be the greatest man in the world, because I am a virgin!!”. What saved it was the director, Watanabe. I’m not usually one to get excited by the staff -even Miyazaki made some bad films- but Watanabe’s still only directed a couple of shows, so I’m still interested in what he’s doing.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr: Guy wants to impress girl by finding aliens, and instead finds mysterious girl with magic powers named Neko (man, the summaries are so good I should get paid for them). The listed genres are Drama, Mystery, Seinen, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so it’s intriguing. Also, it’s Studio Arms but doesn’t look like hentai, which is historic.

Hitsugi no Chaika: A young retired soldiers runs into a younger mysterious girl, and has nothing better to do than follow her. What’s with all the shows about mysterious girls? I know that’s nothing new, but usually they don’t catch my eye. Based on the are it looks like it has some darker themes, but it’s also apparently a comedy. So I’m hoping it turns out to be at least a little deep, without taking itself to seriously. Also, it’s Studio Bones, so the animation quality is pretty much guaranteed to be good.

Mushishi Zoku Shou: A second season of Mushi-shi. I’m really happy to see it, but I haven’t watched the first season yet, so for now it’s just a treat for the future.

Soul Eater Not!: A spin off of the popular shounen series Soul Eater, focus more on moe-girl hijinx and slice-of-life. I read the first couple volumes of the manga, and it wan’t bad. The main cast is original characters, but minor characters from the original series also have supporting roles, including the Thompson sisters. It’s not just moe; there’s enough action to satisfy Soul Eater fans. This is obviously an attempt to gauge the market for a more true-to-the-manga anime adaptation of Soul Eater, and thankfully, I’m pretty sure that market’s there. I’ll be enjoying this, and the future Soul Eater reboot.

Nisekoi: It’s only halfway through, but I haven’t watched since episode 3. If you like it, there’s more to like. For me, it’s got nothing.

Nobunaga the Fool: I still have to catch up on what’s already out, but it’s been good enough so far. I’m happy there will be some more episodes.

Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation OVA: Could someone explain to me how this is still a thing? Who’s funding it; how the hell is it profitable? That is all.

Alright, that’s everything. That makes 9 series I’ll be starting this season, and 9 first reactions I’ll be coming out with. I expect a lot will be dropped quickly, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if it all turns out to be good. Anything I missed, or that you find interesting? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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