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1) The End is Nigh:

1.1) Lori says this will be his last batch of Goku Uniforms, so he’s going to set a new record for speed sewing. Even amidst the chaos and war which this world is engaged with, there’s still time for that bittersweet sentiment. The record will never be contested again, so I must set a record that can never be conquered.

2) Colours of a Nudist:

2.1) Perhaps their not all one integrated family afterall. Tsumugu (I still have to look his name up each time) certainly isn’t convinced of Uzu, Ira and Nonon’s Nudity, and Uzu’s not interested in being so “colourful”. Interesting choice of words from someone who’s not only blind, but blinded by his own blade. Noble and stoic.

2.2) Nudist styled Goku uniforms. So much love for these things! Lori, you’re an artist, and that’s from someone who has no respect for fashion. What say you now, Tsumugu? Also, any thoughts on the Snake, Dog, Monkey, Toad thing? I understand their animal motifs to fit the characters, but having them explicitly said like that makes me think theirs something more to it, like a reference to some fable, but I can’t find anything specific myself.

2.3) No need for a flashy entrance? Lies!

2.4) Uzu can be colourful! He has eyes! you may ask, how? I dunno; deal with it! Let him be a Nudist! (oh, the fan art 🙂 )

3) Imitation Gold:

3.1) So, some background to my thoughts on this title: In his essay On the Essence of Truth, Martin Heidegger writes about “True Gold” and “Fake Gold” or imitation gold. Both are true in facticity, that is, in that they are, but True Gold is “true” in that it is in accordance with what we mean when we think about gold. What does this have to do with the episode? I have no clue yet, but we’re only at the opening credits.

3.2) “The Ryuko inside my mind said it.” Interesting, so then either the real Ryuko isn’t truth, or Heidegger’s just been flipped on it’s head and conception is untruth. Or Mako’s just kinda dumb.

3.3) “I know that I am Ira Gamagoori, Satsuki Kiryuin’s living shield!” That is some truth; True Ira. Ira doesn’t just know himself, but he knows himself among beings, and, according to Heidegger’s essay, beings are necessary for truth, as truth is freedom, and freedom is humanity.

3.2) “I know the Ryuko outside my head feels the same way.” Good work, Mako! Now you’ve grasped a true truth!

4) The Alpha and The Omega:

4.1) So, if the beginning and the end of everything is in the Original Life Fiber, and we have the backstory from a while back, I think it’s safe to say the the Life Fibers are a type of god. And given that Ragyo’s the snake and thus Satan, we have an awkward alliance here.

4.2) The “Humans raised as livestock” comparison means the Pigs in clothing theme needs to be amended. Humans are animals that must be dressed to pass as something better, they’re animals because they’ve been dressed, made into humans by the same means they were made into livestock. But, Ryuko’s right, humans can fight back. They aren’t just “supposed” to be the food of Life Fibers, they aren’t “supposed” to be anything. They make their destiny, not fulfill it. One short bit of Dialogue has reiterated the climax of Gurren Lagann and expanded upon it.

4.3) If we still view Satsuki as Eve based on that bathscene from a while back, than Ryuko would be Adam. Eve’s just distracted the snake so Adam could take down God. However, from the bath scene we could also call the Original Life Fiber the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. I can think of so many ways to interpret this, and also of them are reading way to deeply into things. It’s still fun to think about though.

5) More Mako:

5.1) Sadly, the Uniform could do nothing for her brain.

5.2) Mako’s Popey! The unidentifiable food powers her up again. Sadly, it too seems unable to help her brain.

6) Dragon Ball KlK: Satsuki has just gone Sayin’ Prince on us. In the final battle, recognizing that she is weaker than her long time rival, and acting as a distraction so Ryuko can prepare the final strike, she’s the same as Vegeta. Now, how long until I get to call Mako Hercule?

7) The Naked Dagger: Gurren Lagann

Kill la Kill episode 23 1

We don’t care about Covers or Cloth, or evolving whatever! We don’t give a damn about that! Force yourself down a path of freedom, and do it alongside allies. That’s the way Nudist Beach rolls!

7.1) Um… that opening on the OLF, and that weapon, it’s umm… How do I put this? The End of Evangelion had more subtle vigina/penis imagery. And Tsumugu, you’re not helping >.<

7.2) Though I guess it does look a bit more like a lock and key, so let’s examine any symbolism from that perspective instead. The OLF is a restriction on humanity, not letting it be (in both the colloquial and the Heideggerian senses of “let be”), kind of like the Anti Spirals. So the dagger is the key to break open the lock.

7.3) The way they’re all powering it together; that wheel; that’s Tengan Toppa! That’s Gurran Lagann! Our blade is the blade that pierces the OLF!!!

7.4) Even the music at this part sounds a little like Sorairo Days.

Final Thoughts: It wasn’t the deepest episode of the series, but it was a fun one. So with tea waiting both for our heros and for myself, and Mako leading the charge into the final battle, we end the notes for episode 23 of Kill la Kill. But not the discussion, so please comment with your own thoughts. Fight on, Trigger! Don’t lose, Tigger! And to Trigger and everyone else, Don’t Lose Your Way.