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So, uh… I kinda missed a few weeks there, huh? Well, in my defence, I was busy with adult responsibilities and being mature and all grown up like, and… alright, I was playing Pokemon Y. The Pokebank free trial only lasted so long, and I just gotta complete that dex. Anyway, if you want my deep and insightful thoughts on the last few episode, they were ******* awesome! Anyway, onto this this week’s. Let’s watch.

1) Life of Fibers:Kill la Kill episode 22.3

1.1) They way Ryuko rips of Junketsu, it’s like she’s killing herself and reaching for life simultaneously. In a sense, she is. She’s killing that part of herself that gave into Ragyo in the first place, that part that desired “happiness” and subjugation more than freedom and the free and trembling that freedom comes with. Also, she just tore a Kamui to shreds with her bare hands! Sure, she was wearing it, but I doubt she was still getting much strength from it by the end.

1.2) I just realized, Ragyo’s really no different to the Life Fibers than anyone else. The are powerless without people, so they take their bodies and wear them to reach their potential. And Ragyo’s role is pretty similar; the Fibers were powerless if she hadn’t worked for them and spread them around the world.

1.3) I wonder what Satsuki’s experience of wearing Junketsu is like. She seemed wearing decently comfortable when wearing Senketsu (at least, when she wasn’t about to die), but she still hates or at least distrusts Junketsu. Is it the maker? Is it that she trusts her father, even though she never met him?

1.4) So the reason Ryuko is able to work with a Kamui so well (or at least, one of the many reasons we know know) is because that Kamui is also he friend, who she communicates with. But now Senketsu isn’t letting her use their shared power because of their friendship. It’s mostly a blessing, but with some downsides. I wonder who would win in a fight, Senketsu-Ryuko, or Junketsu-Ryuko.

1.5) The way Satsuki’s standing, the wind, the sunset, the way she’s dressed when Junketsu is restrained. It makes me think of a crime-mystery flick, where the detective has found out that their lover was the one behind it all along, and is turning them in. “Lock him up for good,” she said, taking a long drag on her cigar before skulking away.

1.6) well, she’ll be wearing him in the finale. Will there be a peaceful resolution to the arc, or will it just be a necessary evil that she puts up with before scizor-blading it Juketsu to pieces?

1.7) Oh, so they can forcibly make Junketsu obey Satsuki. Kind of like what she did to the whole of Honnoji. Kind of like what Junketsu did to Ryuko. Kind of like what Satsuki just said she now knows is wrong.

2) Bonds:

Kill la Kill episode 22.1

Sisterhood of the Traveling Kamui

2.1) So Mako and Satsuki’s blood remains in the Kamui after they take it off. I assume that applies to Junketsu as well. I wonder if that’ll be important later.

2.2) Also, Gurren Lagann reference. “Those two [three] sets of dream weave together into a double [triple] helix, [Lord Helix!] and drill a path towards tomorrow!” If only the three of them could all squeeze snugly into Tengen Toppa Senketsu, and pilot him together ^.^

2.3) I get her caring that Mako’s blood is in it, but we have yet to see Ryuko and Satsuki formally get along. But, I guess it’s happened; now they’re friends.

2.4) “Let me belt you one.” That’s a Gurren Lagann reference! But in Gurren, Kamina hit Simone for Simone’s sake. Here, Ryuko wants to hit Satsuki to make herself satisfied. So we don’t have to try to draw parallels before Satsuki and Simon; thank god.

2.5) Also, the way they’re standing here is interesting. Usually they’re depicted as perfect equals, but now they’re not. Ryuko has a Kamui, in combat mode no less, and Satsuki is naked under her coat. Ryuko is facing Satuki, but Satsuki is looking away. They’re separated by an entire sun, whereas in the intro credits their faces are pressed together. But at the same time they have the same goal now, they’re looking in the same direction, they both want to stop the Ragyo. They could only be equals as enemies.

2.6) And they all become one big happy family over some unidentifiable food. It’s like Thanksgiving with Mcdonalds. And I can’t even say it’s cheezy. The episode worked up to this so well, it makes it seriously moving.

2.7) The way Ryuko tries forcing herself to called Satsuki “sister” reminds me of Panty and Stocking. And then that makes me think of the finale of PSG, and the combined attack. Then the betrayal. Okay, time to stop thinking about PSG.

2.8) They’re not only synced with their kamui, they’re synced with each other! That transformation scene, I knew it was coming, but still I physically lost control. Arms flailing, fists clenching. Gah! It’s just so awesome! And then they fly away like a TTGG Tron crossover.

3) Bat-crap Crazy Ideas:

3.1) But of course, Ryuko and Satsuki still have to settle or at least acknowledge their was of ideology. Ryuko wants the world filled with crazy (unique/badass!) individuals, but Satsuki wants order and obedience, with freedom only available to the elite, those who are strong enough to full realize it, and take on it’s burdens, those like Ryuko. They’re both Ubermensch, and they’re both so Nietzschen, but Nietzsche would probably called Ryuko’s view of freedom misarchism.

3.2) Or, it seems, the war’s over. Satsuki’s joined Ryuko’s side!

Kill la Kill episode 22.4


3.3) I hate to image spam, but this, and its sister from earlier are just way too powerful. A bowing Satsuki; that’s just unbelievable. Also, notice her hair. The wind’s change direction. And then she shines bright with truth than ever before.

4) Our Heros:

Kill la Kill episode 22.2

Ira evolved into… Mega Blastoise!

4.1) Compensating for what happened a couple episodes ago, are you Ira? You’re so cute sometimes 😉

4.2) Aww, Tsumugu’s replacing Houka in the Elite Four. On the bright side, Tsumugu’s in the Elite Four! The Honnoji elite and Nudist Beach have truly integrated into one entity here.

4.3) Mataro is a little thief without his mommy. If Ryuko’s anarchy were in place, and he didn’t have her pulling his ear, he’d grow up to be a criminal mastermind! We all need our mommies to teach us a little right from wrong sometimes (unless your mom’s Ragyo, in which case, you get to be a badass who makes the rules).

4.4) While Ryuko tests Satsuki’s worthiness, Ira and Uzu test Ryuko’s worthiness to test Satsuki. This is so perfect for them. Undying loyalty to the great Satsuki! The fact that she can demand that from people as tough as he elites proves that Satsuki is worth!

4.5) “Satsuki-chan.” The subs just said “Satsuki” but I heard it! Nonon, how could you speak of Satsuki-SAMA that way! I guess she’s seeing her again for the first time. Not as the dominatrix of all of Honnoji, or even the great sandcastle builder from kindergarten. She’s seeing her there on the playground, a fellow student and friend. Nonon, you’re too freakin’ cute!

4.6) Fight Club President, Mako! I was starting to worry that the best Mako moment was passed back in the first half of the series, but she’s back! Though, is it really wise to be using life fibers now? Remember what happened to the Elite Four’s three-star Goku Uniforms.

5) No Responsibility for the Wicked:

5.1) Nui literally makes her blood, Rei’s stain. She bleeds on her while telling her that Rei’s the one who has to tell Ragyo about Nui’s screw-up.

Post-Episode Thoughts: I really shouldn’t try saying much here. I started off writing this with a clear and rational mind, but you can probably tell that the overload of awesomeness has left me in a less then critically minded state. So please share your own thoughts in the comments, and let’s talk about it. Man, I love this show!

Until next time, don’t lose your way.