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Note: You might think that this is nearly a week late. Well I could say it’s nearly a week early. I’d be wrong, but I could say it. Anyway, yeah, things to people and do to see, but I’m doing it now.

1) Satsuki’s One-Eighty: From the core of the system to starting a revolution, that’s our Satsuki!

1.1) Though this isn’t so much a turnaround for her, apparently, since it was always her plan, supposedly. And the reiteration of those ‘truths’, “Fear is freedom!”, reiterates her character so well. She wasn’t running Houjin for Ragya’s plans, she was doing it because she believed those ‘truths’ and still does.TWo Kill la Kill 18.2

1.2) “Even if it invites scorn as a conniving villain, I gladly welcome it!” Yet from the viewers’ perspective, seemed much more villain like before. I think this line is just meant to convey the state of the show’s world; Ragya is already seen by the masses as the good guy, and Satsuki must be evil for opposing her. But we’ve never really seen much of the larger society or its importance, so that would be kind of out-of-left-field at this point. So Ragyo probably represents something in the real world, and given that shot, maybe Jesus? Jesus, the snake, and a mother.

2) The Ignorant Masses: You need Satsuki!

2.1) Even when near the brink of death, Mako’s parents aren’t even aware there’s any danger. They were too foolish to protect themselves, so Satsuki has to save the. That’s a pretty clear message about the importance of our benevolent tyrant.

2.2) Burn your clothing, for it is the cause of your freedom. Satsuki, you just never stop being awesome, do you? That line fits with her character so well, and could mean so many things; is she still trying to be their dictator, thus freedom is bad, or is freedom still subjugation, in which case she’s telling the to stopping being ruled. Hell, it could be both at the same time a fit her perfectly, with her desire for people to be strong enough to not need her, and the high standards she tests them with. Also, I guess that would be Ryuko walked into Houjin completely naked.

2.3) Depictign them as zombies as Mako lead them away. Yeah, Trigger wants us to know these people are idiots who probably couldn’t tie their shoes with Satsuki.

3) Moral Compromise: Fighting the evil Life Fibers with the power of Life Fibers.Kill la Kill 18.1

3.1) They could do something interesting with this, but I’m worried that they’ll try and it’ll come out a forced, contrived mess.

4) Uzu’s Revenge: Finally he gets to be the badass he is.

5) Half Baked Writing Allies: Seriously, the whole Nudist Beach plot up until this point just written off just like that. It was obviously not going anywhere, but they could have tied it off a little cleaner. Oh well, at least there wasn’t much time wasted on it.

6) Houka Cares: He reacts when Nui basically calls him a computer. It’s unclear whether it was actually a reaction to the insult, or he was just startled by her being in his face all of a sudden. I hope it’s the former, because he’s the only character I care about who’s still lacking in much depth.

There’s so much more here, and I hate that I could only pick out a handful of moments, most of which shallow and just personally amusing, but I can’t comment n a lot of it yet. It needs to develop in the upcoming episodes; I don’t have a good enough idea of what it all is just yet.

Anyway, other than that, there’s some of the best shounen awesomeness I’ve ever seen in this episode, and the preview for episode 19 (which I will be doing my notes on time for) looks like it’s got some more solid substance to play with. Also, plot twist that everyone saw coming still manages to be incredible.

Watch the episode, let’s talk about it in the comments, and remember, don’t lose your way.