Ah, the end of a long day. Work’s done, dinner’s ready, and…. wait, wasn’t there a new episode of some anime I’m supposed to watch today? Damn it.

All kidding aside, as much as I’ve made anime a chore with these articles, it’s an enjoyable chore. There’s probably something there I’m going to want to think about later, but for now, episode 17 of Kill la Kill awaits.

Also, I’m sorry for not going into much depth here, especially for Satsuki’s character, but due to circumstances, this took too long as it is. There’s a lot more to be said that I  didn’t touch on (even more than usual), mostly on the character and political sides; just, watch the episode, there’s a lot there to enjoy.

1) Welcome back, Lady Satsuki:This week on Kill la Kill 17.1

1.1) Something seems off about those four… usually they’ve been more relaxed around Satsuki, though while still respecting and obeying her. Now they’re acting like nameless little one-stars, stepping carefully in line with her. What happened to the Uzu who put his feet on the table?

2) Pacing: I can’t get a beat with this show. The elite four battles; Ira’s had a full episode, then Houka got less then half, then Nonon had more than a full episode length, and then Uzu… poor Uzu. Now the tri-city arc is over and I didn’t even notice. It’s keeping me on my toes, but doesn’t pay off. But if it’s strung together well by the end, it’ll still work.

3) “I’ll be happy to go full-on naked”:

3.1) Don’t get your hopes up. It’s not that kind of show. Just accept the disappointing truth.

3.2) Okay, in slightly more seriousness, there are some thoughts to be had here. First, seeing as clothes are the greatest power, this could be Ryuko saying she doesn’t need external power for every fight (obviously she accepts using it in some fights, we have about 14 other episodes that demonstrate that). Even when stripped of all external power, she is strong enough in herself to fight some battles.

3.2) Or, if we’re looking at clothes as that which makes a beast human, then she’s saying she has no problem with not being human. In which case, the philosophy she’s representing is akin to Peter Singer’s “specialism”, or more broadly, not considering humans inherently “special” based solely on their humanness. We’re a few steps away from some Ghost in the Machine play here, but that’s probably not happening. Oh well, I’ll always have Ghost in the Shell.

3.3) “I’m probably scared”, and deflecting it with humor. Recognizing self-deception. This somewhat blurs the lines between internal and external strength. On the one hand, she is deceiving herself, and this is absolutely internal. However, her recognition of this goes against her internal action. So either her rationality is an external strength, or there are distinct parts to the internal which can conflict with one another. Or, third option, I’ve been reading too much Plato, and am seriously projecting it here. Probably that one.

4) I can say two things: One, red-Mohawk guy is warming up to Senkutsu, and two, that may or may not foreshadow a mindf*ck event later on. Senkutsu is a member of the “evil” group, while himself being “good”. So could other Life-Fiber beings also be good? Probably not, since Senkutsu was specifically made to fight with Nudist Beach, but hey, it’s a possibility.

5) The lab coat comes off: It’s interesting that this happens while he telling Ryuko about her bond with Senkutsu.  She can wear clothing because the clothing was made not just for her, but is essentially her, or a part of her. He however, cannot wear clothing because his clothing is arbitrary filth. But then that begs the question, is Senkutsu really and external power if it is a part of Ryuko?

6) Mako’s dad is Jesus:

6.1) Well, really the whole family is. Atoning for the sins of those they are responsible for by their own “sacrifice”. It’s a stretch, but given the religious symbolism in the show already, it might have some truth to it.

6.2) Also, I guess Satsuki’s mom is also Jesus. I’m of three minds here. Either this is a jab at Neon Genesis Evagelion’s prosaic use of crosses, Kill la Kill’s own newfound prosaic use of crosses, or actually symbolic of something. If it’s the third, I’m at a loss. Anyone else got anything?

7) Satsuki is Simon:This week on kill la kill 17.2

7.1) If this is as much of a Gurren Lagann reference as it looks like, then we have an interesting comparison on our hand. They’re both champions of freedom, putting all their power towards achieving it for all. But where Simon was followed by those who could be free, Satsuki hails over those who can’t, or at least aren’t willing to.

7.2) “Naked apes” Okay, that’s a Gurren reference! Not too much is really said by it though, other than Satsuki is a lot like Lordgenome, which shouldn’t be news to anyone who’s watched Gurren Lagann. Though if they make their final battles similar, I guess there’ll be a lot more to say on the Scissor Blade as a phallus thing, but it still wouldn’t be nearly as suggestive as Simon’s drill.

8) Obvious back-stabbing is obvious: but still awesome. Satsuki, if Nonon weren’t right behind you, I’d say it’s convenient that you’re wearing Junketsu, because I want to marry you. We’re charging into the best of Shounen action without sacrificing a hint of storytelling prowess or substance here; don’t you dare slow down now Kill la Kill, and Don’t Lose Your Way.