Huh, it’s a compilation episode… well, I guess I can’t mind, seeing as I have 14 episode I need to catch up on. Still, it’s a shame they went from what they had last week to this. Hopefully the animators will be able make 17 look a lot better though.

1) Goku Uniforms; how do they work?

1.1) Wait, so the uniform “unleashes the human body’s special abilities” instead of being the source for the abilities? That changes everything! Oh they just got someone new writing the subtitles here, and they don’t know what they’re saying.

1.2) Second verse same as the first; “she gained the power”. No she was given the power, it still is not something imbued to her; she has access to it, but it is out side herself.

2) Naturals Election: I looked this term up and didn’t find anything, so my only guess is it’s a reference to natural selection. The thing is though, you can’t hold a natural selection; it’s a part of nature, and nature just happens. Also, stop claiming Ryuko beat Uzu; that’s a rematch I wanted to see, and it never happened.

Oh, now it’s not a compilations episode?! Dammit Trigger… you got me. Nice one, really. Never do it again -.-

3) Satsuki and her contradictions:

3.1) “in war, the situation is always fluid!” Alright, obviously meaning that it’s always changing and anything can happen. “One such as yourself who is ignorant of everything can never win!” Also, so a statement of fact regarding an unchanging nature of war, which contradicts the fluid comment. So then is war kind of like a smoothie?

4) New opening: So pretty, and gives a nice little showcase of each character. And we finally have Ryuko and Satsuki painted as equal opposites, but then at the end there’s the two halves of the scissor blade telling another story. Music’s also nice. Little more to say than: I approve.

5) Kamui’s; how do they work?

5.1) So the power Ryuko gets from Senketsu at least seems more and more real over time, as she’s developed a closer bond with Senketsu. Because they isn’t very much to distinguish it from her own power -it’s hard to take it away from her- because she gets along so well with Senketsu he’s willing to give her the power at anytime, and make it as convenient for her as he can. But for Satsuki it’s very different. She doesn’t get along with Junketsu, so its power is not hers in the same way; there are more difficulties and barriers between her and the power of a Kamui.

5.2) Satsuki believes that the power of a Kamui is beyond anything else, so she needs to wear Junketsu. But is she forgetting that the only person to utterly destroy a Kamui wasn’t wearing a single life-fiber. Satsuki has put limits to the power of even a strong person, which is bound to be her downfall.

6) Satsuki’s own strength is weakening:The Anime Harvests This Week on Kill la Kill episode 16

6.1) After being exhausted by using Junketsu, Satsuki doesn’t look nearly as strong or determined. We’re being to see her limits, where even she can’t keep up her appearance of superiority. But she gets her game face back on quick.

6.2) “Humans are such frail things, are they not?” Oh man, that’s good! So much of Satsuki could come from this. From her need to rule others for their own good, to her new feeling of needing Junketsu to fight.

7) The naked truth:

7.1) So the way to the truth is skinny-dipping, and Satsuki isn’t enjoying her bath…

7.2) It’s the clothes that make mankind! So if we’re defining man as that which clothes itself, then Nudist Beach is trying to return man to an animal. We’ve defined man in such a way that Satsuki is right, man is basically a pig behind a mask. So she wants to keep the mask, Ragyo wants to spread the mask, and Nudist Beach wants to get rid of it. What about Ryuko?

7.3) Primordial Life Fiber: So this thing created clothes for the animal to wear, and that made him man. This is becoming bad-conscience meets slave morality/ressentiment.

8) Snake:This Week on Kill la Kill episode 16

8.1) So if Satsuki’s mother is the snake, then it’s Satsuki she’s temping. Which I guess makes Either Ryuko or Nui Adam.

8.2) Also, the music in this scene… it’s so good it’s sinful.

8.3) The towel comes off: Satsuki is made absolutely naked. She feels the need to clothe others to make them human and give them pride, but now she’s been stripped in this awkward situation. She feels shame. She is coming into contact with original sin.

9) Telepathy: This point comes and goes so quickly, but it’s so significant. Further braking down natural barrios, and crossing lines that aren’t meant to be crossed. Oh, Ryuko, you’re so going to hell, but you’d find a way back anyway. J

Okay, well, interesting stuff. What’s Satsuki thinking now? What of Senketsu’s will? And is a great new opening worth that absolutely bleh ending theme? Let’s discus.