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Note: This was originally written on on January 12, 2014, before my WordPress page was create. It was later reposted here, unedited.

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time is a new series of short episodes, best suited for, well, just killing time. Have killing only a little time with it so far, this first reaction is simply my immediate thoughts based only on the first episode. So with that, let us begin.

In this first episode we meet are main characters, Seki and some girl, as they sit through history class. But wait, it seems Seki isn’t really that into history, and instead decides to build a domino array with erasers! Oh but that’s not all; the girl is trying to pay attention, but, as she sits right next to Seki in the back to the classroom, she’s distracted by his childish shenanigans and desperately tries to get him to stop before the two of them can get into trouble. Oh how the plot thickens.

Yeah, the title really does fit pretty well here.

Seki is really where the fun of all this is for me; I remember when I used to make dominos out of erasers in class, back when I was in class last Friday. He’s your standard kid who likes to goof off on his own in class and play with whatever he has on hand. He’s creative, and I like that.

The girl on the other hand, is annoying (I’m pretty sure she has a name, but the beauty of a first reaction is that I don’t have to care). It’s not just in that she tries to spoil all his fun, but the way she written is just obnoxious to listen too. She narrates everything that happens non-stop, in a hyperactive tone that gets really grating. It would be more bearable if hers wasn’t the only voice in the show, but apart from a couple lines from the teacher it pretty much is.

Of course the animation quality for a series like this is pretty poor, but doesn’t really take away from the show at all, and is always at least as good as it needs to be.

But, overall the first episode’s a fun little time waster, with a couple annoying points. As for what I expect from it, it could go either way. It could run out of ideas or continue to focus too much on the girl. Or she could be toned down a bit while Seki continues to come up with ways to kill time. I’ll definitely follow this series for now, and hopefully it will stay fun.